Yahoo parental controls

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Yahoo parental controls

Yahoo is a popular and useful resource that provides both adults and kids access to the latest news, entertainment and sports information. Besides, it delivers widely used communication services like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Groups and Yahoo Messenger. Being an awesome all-in-one education and entertainment resource, Yahoo offers extra online safety concerns for parents.

What are some concerns for parents using Yahoo?

As Yahoo provides a lot of services, the list of things parents should worry about in this resource is quite wide: dangerous Yahoo search results and inappropriate media view, cyberbullying and poor communications among peers via email and Yahoo Messenger, sharing inappropriate photos in Yahoo Groups that can hurt your child’s reputation or attract the wrong kind of attention. All of these dangers can reach your child on your home computer or mobile device.

Are there any native Yahoo parental controls?

The good news is that there are native Yahoo parental controls to help you control your kid’s usage.. It allows you to sign in as your children and view any suspicious activity within their account. Meanwhile, built-in Yahoo parental controls do not protect your child from inappropriate content and delivers no alarms about dangerous activity, so the only way to stay informed is to check your kid’s online activities manually.

Is there any better way to keep kids safe on Yahoo?

Familoop Yahoo parental controls deliver the most complete protection of your children from potential online harms like inappropriate content, cyberbullying and more on their phones and tablets, both iOS and Android.

Apart from automatic protection, the tool gives you a full picture of your child’s digital footprint and highlights suspicious people your child communicates to, and dangerous online events he/she is engaged. You can check all the highlighted items right away or bookmark some and have a look later.

Smart parental control software has never been so easy and reliable.

Even more, Familoop’s parental control software keeps your child safe not only on Yahoo, but on all popular browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and IE. No need to install specific “kid safe browsers”!

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More social network protection than ever

Familoop Safeguard protects your loved ones on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and all the other popular social networks – so you can be sure your kids are safe whatever new network they start to use.

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Familoop Safeguard protects more than just Yahoo!

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