Vimeo parental controls

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Vimeo parental controls

Vimeo is a popular video-sharing website in which users can upload, share and view videos. Having a lot of nice tools for streamlining videos in gorgeous quality with no ads this website became a hub for professional video-streamers and has the honor of a much less low-quality and low morality videos store. Anyway, can you be 100% sure that your kid is safe on Vimeo?

What are the key concerns about Vimeo?

Vimeo is like any other social media network officially don’t allow kids under 13. Assuming they have only adult auditory there’s no parental controls on Vimeo. Even more, this video-sharing website has no filtering settings for screening out videos which are explicitly inappropriate for your kid’s age. Lack of built-in Vimeo parental controls keeps you ignorant of what your kid watched on this video-sharing website.

How can you protect your kid on Vimeo?

That is a good practice for responsible digital parents to start from a talk to your kid. Sit down together, have a talk and engage your kid to let you know every time some videos they watched on Vimeo brought them down or make them confused. Even this light activity might help you as a parent in the absence of Vimeo parental controls.

You could also consider using third-party tools for monitoring your kid’s activity on Vimeo. Familoop Safeguard’s Vimeo parental controls is a good choice to rest assured that you always have a snippet of every video your kid watched right on your parental dashboard. Have a talk with your kid when it is needed.

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Besides Vimeo parental controls Familoop Safeguard has dozens of features to make it easier for you to protect your kids online and keep their digital experience all over Internet safe, fun, and productive.

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