Tumblr parental controls

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Tumblr parental controls

Tumblr is a microblogging site increasing in teen popularity that provides a platform for sharing both traditional blog articles and e photo collages. It provides teens a creative way to express themselves, but can also threaten their reputations.

What are the risks in Tumblr and how do you keep your child safe?.

Aside from having no Tumblr parental controls in place, this popular blogging site doesn’t even provide basic privacy settings available in Facebook and Twitter. You can’t make your kids’ content private and viewable only to their approved “friends” or “followers” and any content published in Tumblr is viewable by anyone on the web.

Using 3rd-party Tumblr parental controls is the smartest way to track your child’s activity and keep them safe– find out what they post, who they follow and if necessary, have a talk with them to prevent serious potential harm..

Familoop Safeguard’ Tumblr parental controls provide you to view suspicious articles, photos and quotes your children publish on their Tumblr blogs.

Furthermore, the superior parental controls by Familoop analyzes the text of both your child’s articles and comments to other blogger’s articles and alerts you of any mean behavior, signs of bullying or any red flag words detected, enabling you to settle the issue before it harms your child’s reputation.

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Familoop Safeguard protects your loved ones on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and all the other popular social networks – so you can be sure your kids are safe whatever new network they start to use.

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