Skype parental controls

Skype parental controls

Using text and video chat in Skype can be a great way for you and your kids to stay connected with family and friends. Unfortunately, these technologies can present many hidden dangers when used by your child without your smart controls and guidance.

What are the risks in using Skype?

One major concern with Skype is that it can act as a major conduit for online predators, cyberbullies and sexting. It is not necessary to forbid your child of internet use entirely but it is vital to establish smart Skype parental controls, to keep their Skype experience free of online harms.

Are there any native Skype parental controls?

Skype doesn’t have any parental controls as an option. There are some useful safety settings that can protect your child from strangers contact requests, but that’s it. Skype safety settings do nothing to prevent bad communications and sexting with people who are in the contact list.

What’s the best way to keep kids safe on Skype?

To obtain superior parental controls on Skype you can utilize 3rd party solutions. Check out Familoop Safeguard solution for Skype parental controls designed by parents, for parents.

Familoop Safeguard is a superior parental control software that monitors and analyzes your child’s contacts and conversations on Skype and other popular Instant Messengers and Email services.

Our Skype parental controls automatically detects words and phrases that indicate t your kids are being bullied, engaging in sexting, showing interest in drugs or using foul language with their peers. Get notified about all suspicious activity and protect your child smartly.

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