YouTube Kids App Review is it a Foolproof Parental YouTube Filter?

Lucy Smantser on Jun 10, 2016

YouTube Kids appYouTube gets billions of video hits a year and while a lot of the content is kid-friendly, you can bet a lot of that content is absolutely NOT kid-friendly. Afterall, anybody can upload a video to YouTube, and there are a lot of creative sickos out there with odd ideas of “entertainment.” Of course, parents were thrilled when Google finally released a useable app for kids who watch YouTube videos.

Is Google’s, “YouTube Kids app,” worth celebrating over? Perhaps don’t pop the cork just yet. We’ve listed our Pros and Cons below, as well as some additional ways to provide more security for your mini-YouTubers.


The content on the Google YouTube app is completely curated and suitable for kids 4 years old and up. This means (theoretically) the folks at Google have looked through the YouTube content, examined their own parental YouTube filter algorithm for community flagging, age-restrictions, and other proprietary YouTube filter methods. Again, this is all theoretical. Even Google themselves states it’s not 100% accurate.

In addition, the app provides basic parental YouTube filter controls that give parents the freedom to setup limitations for what kids can search for and even how long they can continue to watch videos.

Overall the app is intuitive and easy to use. When your kids watch a video, they will be recommended to similar videos they can add to their favorites. Pretty cool stuff, right?


About that “curated” content… Sadly, some of the YouTube weirdos out there have gamed the system. For kid-fav cartoons, such as “Peppa Pig,” videos will begin as a typical “Peppa Pig” episode, but then cut to a homemade video of a creepy adult playing with toys, or worse... Again, as Google hasn’t designed an algorithm to remove ALL unsuitable content and keep kids 100% safe, some of this disturbing content that is specifically targeting young viewers slips through the cracks.

So much for a trustworthy app that eliminates suspicious content from your kid’s video feed. Is there a better way?

We think there is. Familoop proposes implementing Google’s YouTube Kids app and using Familoop Safeguard to monitor what exactly your child watched – sign up for Familoop Safeguard trial create your own curated content feed (not just “theoretically” this time!) using Familoop Safeguard’s parental YouTube filter and channel block features.

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Parental Block on YouTube Channels

Is there a specific YouTube channel you want to block access to? Familoop Safeguard makes it easy for parents to block specific YouTube channels. All that’s required is to input the URL to the YouTube channel and add it to the Safeguard blacklist. With the channel blocked, there is no chance your child will land on the YouTube channel. List as many YouTube channels as you like to ensure your child can continue enjoying kid-friendly YouTube videos without stumbling upon inappropriate videos.

YouTube Video Monitoring

At present, the current version of Familoop Safeguard monitors YouTube videos streaming via web browsers. This web browser monitoring is applicable to both desktop and mobile devices. However, if your child watches videos within the YouTube or YouTube kids app, then Familoop will be unable to accommodate additional YouTube account parental controls. To provide such a YouTube content filter for kids is our team’s highest priority, and we have developments for such features in the works. In addition, or soon-to-be-released version allows for the option for parents to set specific video blocks directly from their Familoop Safeguard parent account and ensure even more acute safety for kids on YouTube.

A Better YouTube Content Filter for Kids

Until Google can create an algorithm to separate the cutesy cat videos or kid-friendly cartoons from the strange, bizarre, and sometimes criminal videos on their site, parents must find a better way to monitor their child’s YouTube activity.

While not perfect, Google’s YouTube Kid’s app when combined with Familoop Safeguard’s YouTube filter and monitoring features is a powerful combo to protect your child while enjoying the Net’s most popular video search engine - sign up for Familoop Safeguard trial to get your kids fully protected on YouTube.

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