Where to Begin: Internet Child Protection Software

Lucy Smantser on Jun 29, 2016

Internet Child Protection SoftwareIf you're reading this article, it's probably safe to presume that you've already decided that incorporating Internet child protection software is best for you and your family. This is the crucial first step; the next step is determining what sorts of features are important to you among the available child protection applications out there.

Child Protection - What's important to you?

Are you looking for a way to track your child's internet usage, ensuring they complete their homework before playing games online or going to bed on time? Then your best bet is to look for Internet child protection software that has time blocking features. Or perhaps you are more concerned with inappropriate content your child may come across while doing online research for a school project? Whatever your concern, chances are there is parental control software on the market available that is perfectly designed to meet your needs.

What to look for in parental control software?

Depending on what type of monitoring, restrictions, blocking, and filtering you require, you can find parental control software to suit your requirements. The software ranges from minimal features, to the most advanced and robust package. When choosing between the options, consider the following:

  • Filtering and Blocking: In general, web filtering and blocking are the standard minimum features included in even the most basic kids protection software. At the low end, software will block inappropriate websites. More comprehensive parental control software will block website content based on filtering parameters, as well as block chats, inappropriate apps, search engine results, and social networks - sign upto Familoop's parental control software trial to protect your kids from inappropriate content effectively and focus on actual parenting.
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  • Records: The more sophisticated the parental control software is, the better the recording capabilities. Phone and chat records, details on Internet usage, browser searches, and image capture: complete packages include some serious data collecting capabilities. Some kids protection software can even capture screenshots of your teen's chats and login activity on social networks so you have access to passwords. If the parent wishes, they can be emailed their child's activity online, so that they can always stay ahead of the game.
  • Installation and Ease-of-Use: What's the point of installing child protection software if you aren't sure how to get the most out of it? When looking for software, features are of course important - but you also want a service that offers assistance. Look for companies that offer clear instructions to use their software, as well as a frequently updated FAQ, blog, and stellar customer service and support.
  • Compatibility Across your Devices: Most homes now contain smartphones, tablets, laptops, and family computers. With so many different devices and operating software, it's important that whatever kid protection software you use can be downloaded across all of your devices. We suggest choosing one company's parental control software that allows for multiple licenses. This way, you can use the same software across many devices without having to re-learn different Internet child protection software.

The Internet is a dangerous place. And without parental control software, your child has access to it 24 x 7 - sign up to Familoop Safeguard trial to take a proactive stance and minimize the risk your child faces every time they log online.

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Only once you have a serious conversation with yourself can you begin to evaluate different kids protection software options to find the best one for you and your family. Learn more how smart parents use child protection software.

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