Tech Family Guide to Strengthening Family Bonds

Kate Silmon on Jul 15, 2016

Family GuideThe smartphone is like a portable computer. Equipped with photo and camera capabilities, the smartphone offers a variety of fun activities that the entire family can do together, no matter where they are! In this tech family guide, we’ll explore activities you can share with your family together with one smartphone, as well as activities you can do on a tablet or computer.

Parent’s Guide to Tech with the Family

Before brainstorming digital activities in this tech family guide, think about what each member of your family enjoys to do. Maybe all of your kids love the same favorite film? Or perhaps your family is full of book-lovers. At first, you may balk and think that no one in your family has common interests. But did you know dissimilar interests can be an advantage? Consider this: your daughter enjoys music and plays the violin while your son hates music but loves football. While these two activities may seem incompatible on the surface, they are actually quite complimentary, depending on the digital activity.

Let’s take the example above and apply it to the first activity idea in our parent’s guide:

Activity #1 - Filmmaking: A fun weekend activity is to make a movie! Don’t worry, you don’t have to be the next Spielberg or include a lot of special effects to make your film memorable. A short film is much easier than you think, particularly if each family member enjoys different activities. Take our example of a violin-playing daughter and a football-playing son - you have two interesting activities that each individual can perform for the camera! All you need is a simple story. Perhaps the footballer hit the winning shot of the game, and the violin music chimes in to accompany the shot. Then follow the footballer after the game doing daily activities - he buys ice cream and the violin player performs a musical cue… and later, the footballer takes a phone call - and yet again, the musician adds another musical phrase, and so on until the football player has had enough and confronts this crazy musician who just doesn’t stop following him! Silly example, but it’s a fun short story that can easily be shot on a smartphone using the real-life interests of your kids.

Activity #2 - Blogging: Next up on our parent’s guide is blogging. Think about some of the activities your family does together offline. Do the members of your family have a sweet tooth and love baking cookies? Or maybe your family has a favorite pet? Or perhaps your family is in the planning stages of a summer vacation? Whatever the shared interest may be, a blog is a great way to document the activity and preserve memories. Think of a blog kind of like a photo album, only rather than focused on pictures - it’s focused on words. The best blogs are those that are centered around a theme: such as a recurring activity or event that the blogger can revisit again and again.

Activity #3 - Learning New Skills: The Internet is a fantastic source of information; from YouTube tutorials to online classes, chances are no matter what new skill you want to learn - whether that be learning a new instrument or how to knit, the Internet is an easy and often free resource to broaden your skillset. One activity your family may enjoy doing together is learning a new language online. Consider learning a language that perhaps your Great, Great, Great Grandfather spoke - or a language belonging to a country you all hope to visit one day.

Activity #4 - Retrace Family Roots: With sites like, there are a variety of ways families can bond over their shared heritage. Researching your family’s origins is a superb way of bringing everyone together with a common bond. Imagine the amazing facts you may come up with. Who knows, perhaps your family descends from nobility and you have Royal blood running through your veins!

This tech family guide is not exhaustive of all the potential activities you and your family can enjoy together. This list is really just the tip of the iceberg! Hopefully the digital activities herein inspire you to initiate a new shared activity with your family, or even come up with your own activities.

At Familoop, our objective is to make the Internet safe for the entire family. The Internet provides an invaluable resource, and while parents must protect their kids online, they can also get more involved and learn more about their children thanks to digital technology. The more time you spend together online, the more acquainted you become with how your child uses the Internet, offering an opportunity to teach them digital safety habits.

If you haven’t tried Familoop and utilized our digital safety features, you can sign up for a free trial of Familoop Safeguard Parental Control Software. Not only can you protect your child online, but you can have fun and learn more about them through these exciting digital activities!

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