Social Media: Risky Contacts & Negative Influence on Teens

Elena Haidukova on Nov 24, 2015

This post is a part of the Parenting Challenges Series, featuring real mom problems and suggesting quick tips and solutions for them.

Let's face it, your teens are using social media. Whether it's for educational purposes or just for fun, it may put your children at risk of suffering from the hate speech, cyberbullying, online predators, digital reputation harm and social pressure leading to a never-ending campaign for likes and posts. A lot of parents and digital parenting experts are concerned about teens’ safety in social media and minimizing negative effects of social media on youth.

Minimize negative impact of social media on your teen

Real Mom Problem:

“My child has over 250 friends on Facebook which I know she doesn't personally know and the things her so called "friends" wrote on her wall really upset me (curse words, etc). I don't want to cancel her party, but not sure how to react. Could you advise?”

Quick Tips:
  • Establish a limit on friends and followers. Setting a limit forces children to think about whom they want to share with online. As an added bonus, they have a prepared excuse for why they cannot accept every friend request.
  • Find out how to report and block. Discuss with your teen about what to do if someone posts inappropriate comment on the wall or sends a mean message. Most social networks allow people to report mean comments and block other users from following them. Children should know how to use these controls.
  • Involve yourself in your teens’ social networking. Children are developing social skills while they're socially interacting online. Your understanding of teens’ online challenges and active guidance in their digital lives is vital to their social development and minimizing negative impact of social media on your teens.

Familoop’s Solution for Social Media Safety of Teens

It might be a challenge to understand how your teens represent themselves on social media. You are not alone with this challenge, we developed a solution that should help a lot.

Familoop Safeguard makes it easy to stay up to date with your child’s activity on social media, stay in the driver’s seat and teach your child how to share safely online, deal with mean comments or contacts from strangers and more. Here’s a short list of features for keeping your children safe on social media:

Familoop Safeguard analyzes what your teens post on social media and highlights areas of concern with a red flag. When these flags pop up, you can talk to your child right away about accepting new followers, dealing with mean comments or oversharing.

Does your child have a lot of contacts across social media and on the phone? Teens can talk to the same person on a cell phone, Facebook, Skype and more digital channels - Familoop Safeguard merges all conversations with the same person into one place and highlights suspicious people and events for your attention.

Does your child like exchanging pictures with online friends? Inappropriate pics shared online by your children or posted on their wall by their online friends can harm their digital reputation, become a reason for social pressure from mates, attract sexual predators and more. Review all the photos and pics stored on your kid’s iPhone or Android smartphone before they go public, know what your children post online and what their online friends contribute to their walls across social networks.

Does your child use several social networks? Just as your teen registers new social network and logs into it from your home desktop PC, Familoop Safeguard will start monitoring it right away. No need in knowing your child’s login information. Monitor your teens’ activity in social media, kick-start conversations, guide them carefully and minimize negative influence of social media on your children.

Even more, instead of setting up separate iOS, Mac, Android or Windows parental controls, Familoop Safeguard automatically sets up Age-Based Protection Rules that ensure the most appropriate web filtering and internet child protection on all devices. Familoop Safeguard is more than just Parental Control Software, but your smart parenting partner.

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