Parenting Tips: How to Put Restrictions on Internet

Kate Silmon on Jul 6, 2016

Adults OnlyCertainly parents want to give their child every opportunity for success. In the Digital Age, this certainly means access to the Internet and everything wonderful that goes along with it. Unfortunately, it can be difficult in our busy day-to-day lives to monitor where your kids spend their time online each and every moment. That’s where parental control and restrictions come into play. How to put restrictions on Internet is easier than you think. By implementing a few of these tips, you can take a less time-consuming, yet effective approach to protecting your child while he is online.

Parental control and restrictions at Home

All of the traffic that comes and goes to any device within your home - from computers, laptops, to smartphones, tablets, and game consoles - can be managed directly from your wireless Internet router. Consider this your “gateway” to the Internet. Reach out to your provider and find out what kind of Internet restrictions they offer. You may be able to block keywords, web addresses, website categories, and even specific websites. Some routers also provide capability for you to choose which computers and home devices these restrictions apply. So, if your child has his own tablet, you may set parental control and restrictions for that tablet only - while you enjoy unrestricted access on your personal laptop and smartphone, bypassing these parental control settings. Note* these Internet restrictions can only be set-up from your home wireless network. Consequently, when your child takes a device out of the home and uses it on another wireless network, the restrictions will not take effect.

Within web search engines

If your concern is whether your child’s curiosity may be piqued, and he searches for an age-inappropriate keyword, you can easily block particular keywords via many search engines. Or, if you are worried your little one may accidentally navigate to an unsuitable site - you can put restrictions on specific web addresses. Google, Yahoo, and sites like YouTube provide for this capability. However, if your child is of a certain age and insatiably curious, there is nothing stopping him from simply using an alternate search engine to manage their Internet searches.

Within the device

If your child has his or her own device, you can easily set up Internet restrictions. Whether your child uses an Android device or an Apple device, there are easy-to-use methods to restricting content your child has access to. Aside from asking, “how to put restrictions on Internet” - you may also be wondering how to put restrictions on the App Store or Google Play. Both markets allow for parents to set up age restrictions or category restrictions so that your child will only be permitted to download apps (if any at all) that you deem appropriate. Familoop’s parental control apps for Android and iOS make it a snap to set age-based restrictions on your kids’ devices. Find them on the appropriate mobile market and install on your kids’ devices:

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The Internet is your child’s oyster. While unprecedented access to knowledge is a beautiful thing, the freedom requires quite a bit of maturity. As you can see, how to put restrictions on Internet is a simple matter. However, applying Internet filters and safe web searches via your router, within web browsers, or the devices themselves is easy to set-up, they simply do not compare to the safety and security of third-party parental control software such as Familoop Safeguard.

From setting up Internet timing restrictions to monitoring chats, photos, and messages your child posts on social networking sites – Familoop is the real deal. Don’t let anything slip through the cracks. When it comes to restricting the Internet, monitoring usage, and protecting your child from cyberbullying, predators, and Internet scams Familoop Safeguard is simply the best option - sign up for Familoop Safeguard trial now to protect your kids online effectively, know what they do online and teach your kids how to use the Internet responsibly.

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For more useful Internet Safety Tips, including other ideas for limiting Internet time, check out our blog.

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