Online Parenting Courses to Bring Parents into the Digital Age

Lucy Smantser on Jul 13, 2016

Online Parenting CoursesParents are permitting their children to have a smartphone at younger and younger ages. For some high-schoolers, a smartphone is even a requirement for certain school assignments. Kids and teens are adapting to online technology - and parents are quickly discovering that they, too must adapt as well. Fortunately, a plethora of online parenting courses have sprung up and are available online. We’d like to introduce two of our favorites:

Parent Zone logoParent Zone: Parent Zone’s commitment to making the Internet work for families is certainly par the course when it comes to their online parenting courses. The digital parenting course focuses on three main sections:

  1. Understanding online risks.
  2. How to use tools and settings to keep kids safer online.
  3. How to be an effective “in-the-know” digital parent.

The Parent Zone course is a great way for parents of all technological levels to gain confidence about the Online environment, discover technological tools to protect their kids, and finally how to stay abreast of new red flags online that they may otherwise be unaware of.

Canvas This “Parenting in the Digital Age” class taught by an K-12 educator and technology expert provides a wide breadth of the most prescient concerns online for parents - today and tomorrow. The online parenting course focuses on addressing common questions, such as:

  1. How to teach kids to use Internet devices responsibly?
  2. How to ensure kids are safe while online?
  3. What can parents do to prevent their child from sharing personal information online?

The course addresses cyberbullying, screen time, digital citizenship, and media literacy - topics meant to educate the concerned parent, who may then impart this newfound knowledge with their kids.

Parents today will find a great deal of information about how to protect their kids while they enjoy the Internet. From understanding new viral trends, sexting, to the latest “hidden” apps circulated among teens - for example, Calculator% is a calculator app on the surface, but actually an app designed for teens to cache nude photos from their parents. Yes, these sorts of things exist online. Fear not, because as long as parents care about their kids and are willing to put time into reading blogs, getting involved, and taking courses such as the ones mentioned in this article; then in the end parents will do alright.

Perhaps you are interested in online parenting courses, but are eager to take action as soon as possible? You can, with a free trial of Familoop Safeguard Parental Control Software. Give Familoop a try and discover how you can become better-informed about the internet. You protect your kids offline, learn how to protect them online as well.

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