Myths Busted! How to Use Parental Apps

Elena Haidukova on Jul 1, 2016

parental appsParents have always made it a priority to look out for their kids in the real world - from walking across the street to avoiding strangers. Consider this: many dangers kids may encounter online are just as dangerous as the threats they may encounter offline. No wonder more and more parents are learning how to use parental apps and keep your kids safe online.

What parental apps are available?

These days, there are a variety of parental apps available:
  • Adding restrictions to Internet routers
  • Setting-up restrictions within web search engines
  • Implementing kid safe controls within Internet browsers
  • Activating child locks on devices

The various options are literally endless. And while each of these solutions on their own are easy to setup, and often free - implementing all of them across all of your child’s devices not only takes quite a bit of time, but may still leave your child vulnerable to online threats.

Savvy parents have realized that the best way how to use parental control apps that safeguard every device (computer, tablet, and smartphone) and leaves no “cracks” that may allow nefarious people or influences to infiltrate their child’s online life is to install comprehensive parental control software like Familoop.

3 myths and truths about parental controls

Installing software may sound complicated or expensive - and that’s why we’d like to first dispel some myths before we outline how to use parental apps.

MYTH: Many parents are reluctant to install parental control app because they think that it will limit their own use of the Internet.

FACT: Certain content on the web may be inappropriate for children, yet entirely acceptable for adults. That’s why parental control software such as Familoop allows for the parent to setup a user and password to allow the adults to have unencumbered Internet access.

MYTH: Parental control software is unaffordable.

FACT: When you breakout the cost vs. benefits, parental control software is extremely affordable. Besides, can you really put a pricetag on your child’s safety?

MYTH: Teens know more about computers than adults do. Any parental app installed will be easily removed by a modern teen.

FACT: While teens may have their ways on getting around parental controls, it’s less likely when parents implement a comprehensive parental control software suite. Many platforms, such as Familoop, send email updates to parents letting them know what sites have been visited, and if any changes have been made to the account.

How to Use Parental Controls?

If you install sophisticated parental control software you will have access to a help desk, FAQ, and email support to assist if any questions arise.

The first steps when maximizing parental controls to their utmost is to determine your needs. From there, you can use the controls effectively:

  1. Determine what content you will permit your child to view. Language, violence, sexual content, and other sites can easily be blocked from search results.

  2. Will you permit your child to open a social media account? If so, you can choose whether to maintain your child’s login information so you can check-in to make sure they are safe from cyber-bullying or predators.

  3. Kids aren’t always upfront with what’s on their mind. Do you want the ability to view what search terms your child has entered with a keyword tracker? Such features can keep you abreast of potential issues your child may be facing, and allow you to step-in just when they need you most.

  4. Are you concerned about online privacy? If so, you can use parental control software to great effect by preventing your child from posting personal information, such as phone numbers, addresses, or emails.
  5. Do you want to know where your child is at all times? Parental control software can even GPS track your child, so that if he goes missing or is lost, you can get to him.

To get the most out of parental control app, you must know your family’s needs. This is the way to use parental controls to maximum effect and boosting your own efforts as a protective parent. Have already formed good idea of your key digital parenting concerns? Wonderful! - sign up to Familoop Safeguard trial to check how it meet your family needs and get your kids protected.

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Perhaps you are wondering how to broach the topic of parental controls with your child; read on to find more tips that may help improve you and your child’s life!

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