Keep your Child Safe: 3 Tablets with Parental Controls

Elena Haidukova on Jul 18, 2016

parental lock on tablet computerYou want to protect your kid while at the same time giving him freedom to explore the Internet and enjoy online apps. Your hangup? How to manage both. These three tablets with parental controls built-in may be your solution. Whether the tablets are already programmed with the controls, or are pre-set and simply require the push of a button - they’re sure to be a good bet so that both you and your kid gets what they want (the device) and need (digital safety).

  1. iPad mini 2: At nearly half the price of an iPad mini 4, the iPad mini 2 offers everything the newer model does except for the gold color option and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, so it’s quite a bargain! Plus, it has a sharp Retina display and long battery life. As with the other tablets with parental controls on our list, the iPad mini 2 has basic parental controls that are a cinch to set up. To turn on the iPad restrictions, all you need to do is go to Settings > General > Restrictions and tap “Enable Restrictions”. Each time you navigate to parental restrictions, you will be required to enter a 4-digit passcode. Make sure it’s something you’ll remember, and a code your child won’t be able to figure out! The iPad mini 2 also offers app restrictions based on age, movie restrictions based on MPAA ratings, blocking adult web content, and even blocking your child’s ability to log into your email if it’s set-up on the iPad device. As well, you can choose to put a stop on your child from connecting to the Internet, using the camera, or buying/downloading new apps.

  2. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2: This is a beauty of a tablet! The 2048x1536 pixel display is breathtaking, making watching movies a delight. The tablet also offers a soft-touch matte covering, making it grippy and slip-proof. As for the tablet’s parental controls, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 offers a built-in “Kids’ Mode”. With Kids’ Mode, your child will still be able to draw, watch movies, and download apps. All that’s required to get started is to download the Kids’ Mode app and “Install” it onto the device. Once installed, you can select a pin code, enter your child’s date of birth, and set-up age restrictions for movies, apps, and web content. Kids’ Mode also allows you to set a “daily playtime limit”, which restricts the amount of time your child spends playing the applications that are used most often (usually games, right?) on the device.

  3. Amazon Fire HD 6 Kids Edition: This small package packs a powerful punch! Full HD display, Dolby Audio, and both front and rear cameras - not to mention robust parental controls including free access to kid-friendly content on Amazon. The added feature is “FreeTime”, which encourages learning before play. With FreeTime, parents choose what content their kid may see, and limit screen time by content type. You may want to choose video games as limited, but reading as unlimited. FreeTime will then initiate limits on activities based on screen time allotted. You may also set up your child's profile, which will not have access to the built-in web browser, email, and social media features.

While these tablets with parental controls offer powerful built-in tools to help you keep your kids safe, they are certainly not as comprehensive as Familoop Safeguard’s parental control software. Familoop has turned digital safety into a science, perfecting every feature that secures your child’s safety into intuitive and easy-to-use software. Familoop offers these same features included in the tablet controls and more. From reviewing your child’s contacts, advanced geo-fencing capability, and notification alerts to sophisticated reports in real-time. From your Familoop Safeguard account, you can stay in the loop as to where your child visited, who they befriended, what photos they shared, and get updates on suspicious activity highlights and alerts. Best of all? Familoop offers a free trial - so you can try all of these great features without paying a dime.

Try Familoop Safeguard with a free trial today, and finally feel secure in knowing that you’ve done everything in your power to ensure that your child is safe while taking advantage of the digital space.

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