Ivan Ferrero's Story - My Cyberbullying Protection Journey

Ivan Ferrero on Sep 18, 2015

Cyberbullying Protection Expert

I am very proud and honored to be the Familoop’s Cyberbullying Protection Expert. Here I will be sharing about Cyberbullying and how it affects our kids Life, why it happens, how to prevent and teach your sons and daughters to deal with it and how to keep your child safe. I hope you will find my cyberbullying protection tips useful

Before all of that I share my Journey in order to know each others: follow me for the story of a Millennial that always lived the Virtual.

I Had to Wake Up

While I’ve always been fond of Technology and Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk novels, I was the guy that would have never been persuaded by a mobile phone, and I went happy with this for many years.

I was thinking New Technology was all about heavy and bulky computers, and it was the opposite of Nature (I was a passionate trekker) and Real Life.

My awakening happened when I started to work with teenagers, and soon I discovered the great power of the new tools: when the relationship was established, I was able to reach my teens and send SMS remembering them to do their homeworks, or giving them motivational insights.

In fact, I was remembering them there was always someone who was taking care of them, and it was very easy to transfer this techniques to the Parents.

That is, Digital Life was still very simple...

Teens and Parents Make a Call for Cyberbullying Protection

While I was having my Psy.D and was attending my Specialty School in Mind-Body Psychotherapy, I was still working with teenagers and their parents, and I was surprised of the adults impotence in understanding their children new World.

In the meanwhile I was surprised about how mass media was spreading so much incorrect informations about the Internet issues.

So I decided to help them: our kids deserve all the protection we are able to give them.

There is a great big World there, it’s the place they are going to live, they feel lost and it’s up to us to give them the Map.

Since many years my working practice is focused on helping teens and their parents, with a particular focus on Cyberbullying, Internet Addiction, Hikikomori and other Internet related issues.

I use my social channels to help Parents and Children to create awareness about Cyberbullying Protection and how to stop cyberbullying. I give the right information on them.

At Familoop I’ll be sharing researches that help us understand how our children use their devices, how they affect their Life and might harm it. Stay tuned for cyberbullying protection tips!

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