Internet Monitoring for Parents

Elena Haidukova on Apr 29, 2016

Parents have various reasons for why they choose not to monitor online activity. Some parents may feel a bit anxious with the subject, for fear of invading their kid’s privacy. Other parents shy away from “sex talk” discussions, presuming schools will address internet safety concerns regarding online predation. And finally, some parents may not be as technically savvy as their kids – and think parental internet monitoring software is just too complicated. We hope this article addresses any concerns or questions you have regarding how and why you should monitor online activity for your kids.

  • Kids may not tell you when they are in trouble. Fear of disappointing their parents, feelings of guilt, or wanting to handle tough situations on their own are top reasons why kids often will not let their parents know when they need help. This goes for the offline, as well as the online environment. If your child or teen is considering suicide, or a victim to cyberbullying or online predators, he will be suffering from a constellation of concerns: from emotional distress to downright dangerous situations possibly resulting in death. With the Internet being the #1 tool online predators use to identify their targets and cultivate “friendships” or “relationships,” it’s absolutely crucial that parents monitor web activity. Parental internet monitoring software is available across all digital devices. From iPhone monitoring apps for parents to an activity monitor for Android, there are a multitude of internet monitoring resources to outfit parents to the teeth in protecting their children.

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  • Identity theft is not your child’s top concern. While you have likely insisted your child never reveal their personal information online, kids are known to suffer a lapse in judgement. Most often, it’s not because they are trying to outright disobey a parent’s authority; they simply may be overly trusting of online friends and “digital strangers,” and unintentionally open themselves up to online fraud. Whether you use an internet monitoring app or parental internet monitoring software, understand this: you will not know how much information your child has revealed online unless you are actively monitoring what they send online. From credit cards, names of siblings, home addresses, to personal schedules such as vacations and whereabouts – you don’t know what details have been revealed unless you monitor web activity.

  • Who’s their crowd? If your child goes to a friend’s house for a sleepover, you’d confirm who the friend is and make sure their parents are home. Knowing who your child or teen hangs out with online is just as important – if not more so. From reputation-damaging behaviors such as sexting to gaining a key-hole into the kinds of kids your child associates with, add internet monitoring to the mix and you may potentially head off peer-pressure such as shoplifting, drug use, or sex.

As you can see, monitoring web activity isn’t a question of invasion of privacy – it’s all about keeping your child safe. If you find parental internet monitoring software intimidating, there is really no need shy away from what is a very useful and cost-effective tool. Discover how to use parental control software at its best in order to give your kids space and autonomy, while ensuring your family stays safe.

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