How to Turn on Google Safe Search

Elena Haidukova on Apr 22, 2016

What is safe search definition?

As you have probably already guessed, “safe search” is a way online content is filtered, whereby any offensive, pornographic, and otherwise age-inappropriate content is removed from the search engine results, including image search. It is intended to provide your kids with safe search results, when they are doing their school assignments or seek for new cute games.

How does Google SafeSearch Work?

While not 100% accurate, when Google SafeSearch settings are activated, most explicit images and content are blocked from the Google search results. When Google safe search for kids is on, the majority of adult and offensive content, as well as any webpages linking to explicit content, will not appear in Google search engine results. This ensures your children may enjoy browsing the Internet and learn even more about the world by their own with minimal risk as long as safe search Google is in place.

How to Turn on Google Safe Search?

  1. How to Turn on Google SafeSearch on the Computer: Simply visit “search settings” and click on the “SafeSearch filters” section. From here, you may check or uncheck the box next to “Turn on SafeSearch”.
  2. How to Turn on Google SafeSearch on the Android App: Download and open the Google app. Click “Menu” and navigate to Settings > Accounts & Privacy. From this location, turn on or turn off “SafeSearch” by checking or un-checking the box.
  3. How to Turn on Google SafeSearch on the iPhone or iPad: Download and open the Google app. Touch your photo or the gear icon and tap “search settings”. From this location, you may filter explicit results.

If you come across an inappropriate result on SafeSearch, Google engages parents to report it. They’re always working to improve their content filters, Your kind feedback helps them with improving their content filter and keeping your kids safe.

Can my kid turn off Google SafeSearch?

In order to make it impossible for your kid to turn off Google SafeSearch you turned on, you can lock SafeSearch. To do so, just visit the Search Settings page, click the Lock SafeSearch link next to "Filter explicit results." and confirm that you want proceed further by clicking Lock SafeSearch. It will surely help to prevent your kids from turning SafeSearch off and satisfying their curiosity without your parental control.

How to Turn on Safe Search Engine for Additional Security?

While Google Safe Search does have its limitations, it is generally very accurate. Parents may have their children use Safe Search Kids, Google’s custom search engine. Google safe search for kids provides even more filtering capabilities to block adult content and keep kids safe.

As you can see, it’s quite simple to assign Google safe search for kids, whether from your home computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. However, keep in mind safe search Google only filters out adult websites if searched within the Google search engine. Without further safe search settings in place, your children may be vulnerable to explicit content if they use Yahoo and Bing search engines.

You will be comforted to know that protection rules are automatically set, predestined based on your child’s age. You may access further protection parameters within your child’s profile under “Child Settings”.

Enable Safe Search in Familoop Safegurd

Parental Control Software by Familoop gives you a complete purview of the protection level, as well as the various monitoring and web content details, including filtering Yahoo and Bing search results. For added security, you may filter within each content category; app content, social networks, messages and even webmail are all at your fingertips to ensure your child is protected while enjoying the online environment. No more need to limit your kids' browsing experience to bookmarked educational sites, now they are protected enough to get a bit more independence online.

Even More Browsing and Search Security is Possible

You may drill down even further to fine-tune potential search results, allowing certain websites, disallowing others, and even monitoring how often your child visits a particular website - sign up for Familoop Safeguard trial to take advantage of these additional features and succeed in parenting.

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