How to Set up Protection Rules & Block Websites for Kids

Elena Haidukova on Nov 19, 2015

Have you had the chance to try out Familoop Safeguard?

One of the first things you can do is to set up protection rules. Taking into consideration your child’s age, Familoop Safeguard blocks unsafe websites, search results, pictures, and videos on each of your child’s devices that might be iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phone or tablet.

Familoop Safeguard comes with customizable templates of protection rules that apply to kids of different age groups. Familoop Safeguard's website blocker screens out unsafe sites and inappropriate content, and notifies parents of any suspicious activities in real time.

Here’s how you can set up protection rules for your child:

  1. Click on your child’s photo on the top-left portion of the dashboard, opening the window for “User settings.” Click on number 2 for Protection rules.

  2. How to set up websites blocking

  3. Choose from among the available monitoring templates suited for your child’s age: Kids under 13, Teens 13-15, or Mature 16-17. Under each template, you can customize monitoring for web activity, content categories, messages, emails and social networks. A Custom tab is also available so you can set up your own rules according to what you think is appropriate for your child.

  4. A custom blacklist feature is also available so you can block certain websites completely by entering the sites’ web addresses, or create an alert in case your child tries to access a certain site. You can also unblock previously blocked sites by clicking on them, followed by the trash bin icon on the right-hand side.

  5. For websites blocked by Familoop Safeguard that you actually don’t want blocked, simply add the sites’ web addresses to the whitelist tab. Another way to do this is through the Activity Feed pane, where you’ll see all your child’s online activities. You can allow access to a blocked site by clicking on the dropdown menu beside Autoprotect and select “Always allow.”

Save these settings, and easily go back another time if you’d like to customize them again.

We engage you to check our blog for more information about dangerous content filtering and adult media blocking in particular.

Please, note that Familoop Safeguard is much more then a reliable software for blocking websites. This tool delivers dozens of features for kids Internet protection and is designed to be your smart parenting partner.

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