How to Set up Child Location Tracking and Geofences

Elena Haidukova on Nov 23, 2015

Familoop Safeguard helps ensure your child’s safety online. But did you know that our software can also help protect your child from potential physical harm?

Familoop Safeguard’ family & child locator app allows parents to track their child’s location using their mobile phones, even when your child’s device is in his/her pocket or bag.

By setting up geofences – virtual boundaries around physical geographical spaces – you will be informed when your kid leaves home and arrives at school, or vice versa. It also alerts you when your child ventures to a location outside the “safe zone.”

Also, Familoop Safeguard's family and child locator automatically tracks your child’s location even without him/her checking in. As long as your child’s iPhone or Android phone is connected to the Internet, his/her location information is automatically uploaded to your parenting dashboard. For example, if your child claims to be in school, Familoop Safeguard can readily confirm that for you.

To monitor your child’s location through family & child locator by Familoop, do the following:

  1. Click on your child’s photo on the upper left part of the dashboard, and choose “Geofences” from the top menu. Make sure the feature is turned on.
  2. How to set up family & child locator by Familoop
  3. Click on “Add new geofence” to set up a new safe zone. Click on the map and move the cursor so that the colored circle covers an entire area, which could be your home’s neighborhood area, the school area, or the area of your child’s after-school activity. Dangerous neighborhoods can be geofenced in the same manner, the difference is in the designation you assign to each area: Safe, Questionable, or Dangerous.

  4. Set up alert rules for these areas, creating notifications for when your child leaves or arrives at these places. Alerts will go off when your child breaches the boundary of the zones you have indicated.

Never have to worry about your child’s location again with Familoop’s family and child locator and geofence functionality.

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