How to Set Restrictions on an iPhone

Anne Livingston on Jul 4, 2016

How to set up restrictions on iPhone

Often parents choose an iPhone or iPad for their child because of Apple’s built-in parental restrictions. I have many friends who rave about Apple products for kids. I must admit, as an Android user, I am envious of these built-in options. Apple’s iPhone, iPad restrictions do have some limitations. Parents may want to consider adding parental control software, such as Familoop Safeguard.

Built-in Parental Restrictions on iPhone for Kids

With the latest version of iOS for both iPhone and iPad, parents have a choice of controls designed to keep kids in age appropriate areas. Apple’s Family Sharing gives parents the ability to approve every app their child downloads on iTunes both purchased and free apps. Parents can set restrictions on iPhone itself to restrict a set of iPhone apps based on age ratings as well as turn off apps on their child’s phone. On their child’s device, it is also a matter of tap for parents to choose allowed content ratings for not just apps but movies, podcasts, books and music on iTunes. Without the four-digit passcode restrictions can't be disabled or changed on your kid's iPhone or iPad.

Limits on Controls and Restrictions on iPhone

Built-in parental restrictions on iPhone do have some limitations. Mary Kay Hoal, CEO of Yoursphere, wrote an excellent review of Family Share. Here, she discusses some of the problems including once a parent approves an app it is approved for all family members. Even with Family Share, parents still need to set iTunes restrictions on each individual device, so restrictions changing might be a time-consuming task for parents. Apple also does not have an activity report or parent dashboard to review a child’s online activity. In light of these limitations of iPhone parental control feature, families may wish to set additional parental controls.

Learn how to set up advanced restrictions on iPhone with parental control software by Familoop and keep iPhone safe for kids.

Content Ratings for Popular Apps

Initially, Familoop Safeguard assigns a content rating based on a child’s age. For children under 13, Familoop will set the content restrictions at 12+. They cannot download an app above that rating and if the app is already on their devices, Familoop Safeguard will hide it.

Many popular apps that kids love, such as YouTube, are rated 17+. Apps that allow users to post their own content often have higher age ratings. YouTube’s community guidelines state that it does not allow images of pornography, graphic violence and other objectionable material. Unfortunately, YouTube videos are not prescreened. With 48 hours of video uploaded each minute, adult content does appear on YouTube. For this reason, YouTube is rated 17+ on the App Store. For young kids, parents may want to consider instead of YouTube, downloading the YouTube Kids app rated 4+.

Familoop Safeguard allows parents to fine-tune parental restrictions on iPhone and iPad for kids. If parents find this rating is locking kids out of too many apps, they can choose a higher app rating for their kids.

Familoop Safeguard for setting restrictions on iPhone How to set up customized restrictions on iPhone with Familoop Safeguard

Insights into a Child’s Digital Activity

Besides blocking apps, Familoop Safeguard provides insights into a child’s digital activity. Parents can review contacts, photos, visited and web content filter, and check their kids' location history. When searching on the web, Familoop Safeguard will alert parents if a child visits a questionable site and will block inappropriate sites. Families can also set up geolocation so they can see when a child arrives home from school.

Advanced parental restrictions on iPhone with Familoop Safeguard Advanced restrictions and activity monitoring on iPhone with Familoop Safeguard

If a family has multiple devices, parents can manage all devices under one roof. Parents can oversee a child’s phone, tablet and laptop all from the parent dashboard. From the dashboard, parents can review activity, set limits or adjust limits to suit their child. As their child matures and shows they are responsible, families can easily alter controls and allow accessing more mature content.

Familoop Safeguard allows kids to explore online while keeping them safe. When families sit down together to review online activity, Familoop Safeguard becomes an important part of teaching kids how behave responsibly online – sign up for Familoop Safeguard trial to open more lines of communication with your children while you continue to keep them safe.

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