How to Put Parental Controls On Your Computer

Elena Haidukova on Sep 25, 2015

Hardly a week goes by that we don't see headlines about a major hacking incident that has breached the security of personal or financial data. But if you're a parent, you are probably much more concerned about keeping your children safe from inappropriate content. That's why so many parents are interested in installing parental controls on computer and mobile devices.

how to set parental controls
Parental controls on computers give parents more peace of mind.

The problem is, many parents simply don't know how to put parental controls on computer devices or how to set parental controls within software. It's impossible to monitor all your children's screen time, and you want them to have fun and access useful information and appropriate entertainment. Yet you certainly don't want them exposed to adult content or to be contacted by strangers. Learning how to set Windows parental controls or make your family Macbook safe for your kids starts with understanding the home computer ecosystem.

Controlling Computer Hardware in Your Home

In most homes, the Wi-Fi router provided by an internet services provider is the gateway to the internet. One way to control who goes online when is by not telling children the Wi-Fi password so that any time they want to go online they have to ask you to access the router. Another step parents can take is to access your Wi-Fi router's administrative functions so you can restrict internet access to certain hours of the day. This can prevent your kids from going online at night while you're asleep. But this approach to child internet protection is cumbersome and does nothing to protect your children's phones.

What About Your Children's Phones?

Even if you disable your home's Wi-Fi router, most smartphones automatically connect to the internet using the 3G or 4G networks. The good news is, many mobile phone providers offer parental controls that can do things like prevent data access and only allow text messaging to certain designated numbers. Many smartphones have parental controls that limit app use by age, restrict web browsing via phone, and disable streaming capability. With Android devices, you have to download an app to implement parental controls. This may seem like a lot of trouble, but preventing inappropriate calls and text messages is essential to maintaining your children's safety.

How to Set Parental Controls Parental Controls in Apps

Many online apps themselves include parental controls. For example, if you stream television or movies using Netflix or Amazon Prime, you can set up your user account to prevent access to adult-rated content. In some cases you access these controls online, and in others you access the controls through your television. YouTube has built in parental controls that can offer a good first line of defense against inappropriate video content and is free. You put these parental controls into effect using "Restricted Mode," which you access at the bottom of the YouTube home page. But there's no guarantee app controls will filter out all inappropriate content.

how to put parental controls on computer
Parental controls in apps are useful, but generally not sufficient for most families' needs.
Parental Safeguards from Microsoft

If you have a machine running on Windows 7, 8, or 10, Microsoft has tools that let you block chat portals, gaming services, and adult content. You can also use it for activity monitoring, Windows Store app restrictions, activity reporting, and setting time limits. To learn how to put parental controls on computers with Windows, you start by downloading Windows Essentials from Microsoft. From there you can install the family safety package. The problem is, it won't protect your child's mobile devices.

So, you will have set separate parental controls for Android devices and the ones that run on iOS.

There's an Easier, More Effective Way to Implement Parental Controls

Installing parental controls on apps, on computers, and on mobile devices in a piecemeal fashion can be done, but it is far from ideal. However, you can learn how to set parental controls across all the devices your children use with a comprehensive solution like Familoop Safeguard. Familoop provides intelligent parental controls by analyzing your children's online activities and giving you the insights you need to set appropriate rules. What's more, Familoop Safeguard protects internet browsing, app use, social media, and calls and texts across all the devices your children use. If an issue requires your attention, Familoop Safeguard alerts you instantly.

Trying to install parental controls individually on devices and apps is inefficient and it's hard to keep up with all the parental control settings you install. But Familoop Safeguard makes it easy – sign up for Familoop Safeguard trial to protect your children from inappropriate content and monitor their mobile and online activities as you see fit with just one parental control tool.

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