How to Protect your Child from Online Predators

Elena Haidukova on Feb 5, 2016

How to Protect Kids Online?

How to Protect Kids Online?

Children are society’s most vulnerable citizens – particularly in the Internet Age. Everyone wants to know how to protect kids online, but often feels overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. Familoop Safeguard streamlines the process, making children protecting easy for parents and providing useful guardians to protect kids online.

It’s estimated that children spend over 44 hours per week online. This includes talking and texting on their phones, playing games and apps on their iPads and tablets, as well as time spent browsing on a laptop or home computer. Children are constantly bombarded with distracting content; this is a given. However, the more time children spend online, the more opportunities they will be exposed to violent and sexually abusing content or dangerous maneuvers by online predators.

With your Familoop Safeguard online account, you can keep on eye on your kid’s online interactions and easily protect your kids online from child sexual abuse and child predators.

Familoop Safeguard Protection Benefits

It is Familoop’s priority to provide Internet child protection, against online predators, child abusers and criminals, as well as over stimulation and disruptive online activities that erode a child’s daily life balance. Parental Control Software by Familoop has made it easier than ever for you to protect your kids online and supports families to re-establish relationship between child and parents. We’ve researched and implemented the latest technology on how to protect your child from predators. In addition, overuse of Internet browsing, gaming, and excessive texting or IMing can tax a child’s mental and emotional health. That’s why we’ve developed easy-to-use features within your Familoop Safeguard account so you may monitor your child’s Internet usage, furthering Internet child protection, teaching your children to stay safe online and talking about healthy expression of sexuality.

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Protect your kids online with Familoop Safeguard

  • All calls and texts your child makes and receives is collected from your child’s Android device and gathered in an easy-to-read log within the Familoop Safeguard Parent Account. These calls and text logs may be reviewed at anytime. Familoop software is particularly adept at identifying texts or calls that are of a potentially dangerous nature; in which case, the parent will be notified immediately so that they may take a closer look at the material and address the problem if necessary. Note that monitoring text messages is only one part of a comprehensive internet safety strategy for kids. Familoop Safeguard makes it easy for parents to utilize the full repertoire of our Internet child protection capabilities.

  • Text tracking for iPhone and iPad users is coming soon. Children texting using iMessages will be gathered into convenient logs, to be reviewed by parents and guardians.

  • All of a child’s contacts, including both their personal contact phonebook as well as contacts on social networks, are merged within the Familoop Safeguard Parent Account. With this feature, you can protect your kids online with ease. Let Familoop Safeguard to thoroughly analyze profiles, calls, messages, friends, tweets, shares, likes, and other social activities, providing the highest caliber of Internet child protection. If Familoop’s finely-tuned algorithms highlight potential concerns regarding contacts and communications, parents will be promptly notified.

Your children have online friends. Don’t be too late to know if someone acted inappropriately towards your children online and take measures – sign up for Familoop Safeguard trial to protect your children online effectively and succeed in parenting.

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