How to Monitor Your Kids Online Activity with Ease

Elena Haidukova on Nov 24, 2015

Monitoring your kid’s online activity and setting communication controls and geofences are just some of Familoop Safeguard’s many features. Once you’ve set up rules for your child’s online activities, the next step is to monitor them on a daily basis.

But even monitoring is effortless through Familoop Safeguard’s Actionable Insights. Our smart parenting dashboard presents all the information at a glance, and sends important details directly to your email.

Monitor your kids online

Familoop Safeguard highlights events and activities that need parental attention. Dangerous activities like talking with prospective bullies or online predators are marked “red,” while keyword searches for potentially inappropriate content are marked “yellow”.

We made monitoring of kids online as easy as possible.

For actionable at-a-glance insights, click on “Insights” on the dashboard’s left-hand menu. The parenting dashboard provides all information about your child’s activities, including the following:

  • Hourly Device Usage breaks down all activities done throughout the day. It also reminds you to set up usage, game time, or app limits on your child’s devices if you haven’t already done so. The bar chart provides a snapshot into the percentage of allowed, suspicious, or dangerous activities your child has engaged in.

  • Websites Summary shows how many websites have been visited, if any are suspicious or have been blocked by Familoop Safeguard. Clicking on the “View all” link at the bottom right of the frame gives you a detailed list of the websites your child has visited.

  • Search Summary recaps the number of searches made, and if any search is considered suspicious or dangerous. The “View all” link at the bottom right shows you all of your child’s search queries.

  • Recent Social Activity lists down the posts shared, friends added, and even the private conversations made by your child. Familoop Safeguard also notes if anything suspicious has been found for each activity.

  • Recent Apps & Games is pretty much what it is – a summary of the apps and games your child used on his/her Android phone or tablet. Details include how many times an app has been launched and how much time your child spent on it.

  • Other reports you’ll find are Watched Videos, Recent Locations, Recent Camera Photos, and Recent Calls.

  • People Summary shows you the people your child was recently in touch with, whether the communication exchange happened on Facebook, chat, or mobile. It also notes of potential threats such as cyberbullying and inappropriate language.

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