How to Monitor Kids Contacts and Ensure Their Safe Communications

Elena Haidukova on Nov 21, 2015

As parents, our instinct is to make sure our kids are safe by staying on top of everything they’re doing as much as we can. But there are parts of their everyday activities like communications that are challenging to monitor all the time, especially online.

The dangers on the World Wide Web are real. Data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States show there are over 500,000 predators present online every single day. Another statistic worth mentioning is that 89% of all sexual advances toward kids happen in Internet chat rooms and instant messaging apps.

Thankfully, Familoop Safeguard now allows you to monitor how your kids communicate and with whom on their mobile phones, messenger apps, social networking sites, and email – all in one place.

Familoop Safeguard’s Smart Communication Controls recognizes that your child may be talking to the same person over different types of communication platforms, such as instant messenger, social media, and more. A unique function of our software is merging conversations your child had with the same person, regardless of the communication channel and device used, making it easier to detect suspicious individuals or activities.

To set this up on the Familoop Safeguard dashboard:

  1. Click on “People” on the left-hand menu to view all the people your child is connected to through Facebook and other social networks, email platforms, and instant messaging apps like Yahoo Messenger. After your child logged into a specific social network from your home desktop PC with installed Familoop Safeguard at least once, no matter which device the social networks were accessed from – mobile gadgets, desktops, or laptops.

  2. How to monitor kids contacts on the phone

  3. For a deeper dive into your child’s communication with a specific person, click on “Details” to see all activities, including the person’s profile details. Click on the star icon to save a person’s profile to the Starred folder for later viewing.

  4. And then, there’s the link icon that allows you to merge contact tiles into a single person to easily view message histories in one place.

  5. Familoop Safeguard also alerts you of a person who uses profanity in his/her communications with your child, who may possibly be a cyberbully or predator by marking his/her profile.

  6. You may also choose to stop monitoring your kid’s communication with certain individuals by clicking on their photo. You will be asked to confirm if that indeed is something you’d like to do.

Through Familoop Safeguard’s Smart Communication Controls, parents can better monitor their kid’s contacts and communications and prevent any suspicious conversations from escalating into something more sinister before it’s too late.

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