How to Get Child Lock on Internet

Kate Silmon on Jun 17, 2016

The Internet is like a big city, with a lot of neighborhoods - some more suitable for children than others. As a parent, the last thing you want for your child is to wander into an unsafe, dangerous neighborhood. Fortunately, there are many opportunities out there for parents to regain some control. When you ask yourself, “how to get child lock on Internet,” look no further. We’ve compiled a list of ways you - the parent - can play vigilante and police the neighborhoods of the Net to keep your kid safe.

While these techniques are effective to child lock the web for young children who may accidentally stumble into a bad online neighborhood, they don’t do a whole lot in restricting teens’ Internet behavior. For the later, more sophisticated parental control software may be required.

How to put a child lock on the Internet router

Child Lock on Internet Locking Internet for a child using the Internet router is a lot less complicated than it sounds. Consider your router as the dyke in the dam - it chooses which Internet traffic may enter your home network. If you enable a child lock directly at the router level, you can control what traffic enters your home computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and game consoles. While some Internet routers do not provide for parental controls, many do. Check your router’s manual, or give the provider a call and see what parental controls, if any, they offer. If they don’t provide for child lock, you may use “OpenDNS” and set up the parental controls yourself. All that’s required is that you change your router’s DNS server settings to use OpenDNS. With OpenDNS, you can configure web filtering, selecting which websites (or “categories”) you’d like to block. If you’ve blocked a particular website category, and your child lands on a website in that given category, he will simply see a “this website is blocked” error message.

Keep in mind that with the Internet Router option, the child lock is only implemented for when your child searches or browses from a home computer or from mobile device via your home network. If using a smartphone out of the home with another wireless network, your child may be vulnerable wandering into a “bad neighborhood.” Don’t be too late to filter web content on your child’s devices whatever wireless network is used – sign up for Familoop Safeguard trial to protect your kids online effectively, monitor their online activity, set time-out mode easily, and succeed in parenting.

Are there more options? Yes, we have 3 more options for your consideration below.

  1. Put child lock and parental control on Internet browsers. Check out Lucy’s article about setting up parental controls on top browsers.

  2. Check for Site and Device Safety Modes. Various sites offer child lock protection. YouTube, for example has a “Restricted Mode” that is easy to activate. Google SafeSearch is another one. iPhone, iPad and Android devices also have basic level parental controls you can utilize.

  3. Put child lock on Internet using third-party software. From free child lock software to paid services, you can find a myriad of options available to suit your needs. If you haven’t already, you may want to familiarize yourself with Familoop’s dedicated child lock and parental control software – sign up for Familoop Safeguard trial now.

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Examine your options carefully, considering how and where your child uses their devices to best protect them.

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