How to Cultivate Optimum Screen Time for Kids

Elena Haidukova on Mar 25, 2016

Set screentime for children based on activity

When parents limit the time their child spends on a screen, they aren’t taking something away - they are actually giving their child an opportunity to spend time doing other healthy activities, such as reading, spending time with family, or playing outside with friends. Given the disturbing rise in obesity rates among children, less time spent on screens (such as tv, laptops, and smartphones) minimizes the risk of weight gain.

Parents are eager for tools to implement in blocking or reducing child screen time. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Screen Time Management Ideas for Parents
  • Limit devices in your child’s bedroom. You have more control over how much screen time your child spends if digital devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, or the family computer is kept in a centralized place within the home. By keeping these devices in a common area, your ability to enforce screen time control over your child is much easier and more effective.

  • Set screentime for children based on activity. Some activities spent online are healthier than other activities. For example, parents can time games for kids at a maximum of 1 hour per day. Or if your child enjoys watching YouTube videos, a parent can impose a screentime for kids limit on videos, or other passive activities. Conversely, parents may choose to permit unlimited screen time for online activities that actively engage kids. Think math apps or exercise apps that help kids exercise or build critical thinking skills. In this way, screentime for kids can be a positive and healthy experience that compliments their education and fitness. There’s a time for kids games, and there is a time for enriching online activities.

  • Computer timer for kids. Another option is to set a computer timer, or even a kitchen timer for kids. Thus, the child understands how much time they have for online activities, and learn the valuable skill of time management so that they can complete the tasks they want within the time allowed.

It’s important to keep in mind that kids are more apt to follow the digital rules of the house if they understand why the rules are in place. Communicating to your kids the house rules regarding appropriate screen time will make your job easier, and reduce tension.

Whether your child uses iOS or Android devices, parental control software by Familoop makes it easier than ever for you to keep track of screen time for kids. It’s better than a screentime app or computer timer for kids; it’s an entire section devoted to a screen time log as well as the ability to set a “time out” block on your child’s devices. These tools are easily accessed right in your Parent Account.

Screen time for children tracker for iOS

Familoop Safeguard keeps track of your kids screen time on their iPhones and iPads. In your Parent Account you can see an insight into your kids' daily screen time and learn what they actually did online within specific period of time.

iOS screen time control in Familoop Safeguard

Familoop Safeguard - screen time control on iOS

At anytime, you can implement “time-out” mode within your Familoop Safeguard account. Once implemented with a simple tap of the “start time-out” button, you can temporarily block the key features across all of your child's iOS devices including all web activity, App Store, in-app purchases, all movies and TV shows, iTunes, Siri, camera, FaceTime, screenshots and iCloud Photo Sharing

Screen time for children tracker for Android

Familoop's parental control for Android keeps track of your kids screen time and lets you know how much screen time your child spends on games, social media, browsing and messages. You can also check what actually your kid did within specific period of time.

Just as you can “time-out” mode within your Familoop Safeguard account for iOS devices, you can do the same for Android devices. Simply tap the “start time-out” button, located in your Familoop Safeguard account. Once initiated, the following features across all of your child's Android devices blocked:

  • Device usage time (Screen Time)
  • Time spent on Web browsing apps
  • Time spent on Social apps
  • Time spent on Games
  • Time spent on IM/Chat/SMS apps
  • Time spent on TV / Video apps
  • Time spent on Calls

At Familoop, we’re always coming up with more ways to keep your kids safe. We are thrilled to expand our time lock tools very soon with our new time limit features. Soon, parents will be able to set time limits on iOS, Android, and desktop PCs all from their Familoop Safeguard account. We’re confident these tools will further assist parents set screentime for children, whether their kids stay up too late playing games or are distracted during class due to text chats with friends.

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