How to Choose iPhone Monitoring Software?

Elena Haidukova on May 30, 2016

iPhone Monitoring

What some parents consider "spying," others consider simply "monitoring." For those who are undecided, read through this article and learn the ropes to monitoring your teen's iPhone. For starters, consider your primary concerns. From there you can determine what features you are looking for in iPhone monitoring software. We’ve also listed a few monitoring service providers further below to help you launch your search.

Consider Your Primary Concerns

  1. Are you most concerned about the texts your teenager sends and receives, such as "sexting" their peers, or strangers they met online? Do you want to keep track of who your teen chats with over phone? Some iPhone monitoring software tracks who they speak with, and at what time of day or night. For some parents, apps such as Tinder are the primary concern. Most iPhone monitoring software provides features that track the apps your teen downloads to their iPhone. With cyberbullying and sexting proliferating on the net like wildfire, no question parents are monitoring their teen's iPhone to ensure they are protected from bullies and inappropriate photos.

  2. Do you know where your teen is? Would your teen tell you they are at one location, but actually be somewhere else entirely? Location and GPS monitoring is yet another feature showcased in many iPhone monitoring software programs. With GPS monitoring, you can keep tabs on your teen's whereabouts - whether they are where they said they would be, (such as a friend's home with parental supervision), or at a place they know they shouldn't (out clubbing). Of course, teens have a lot going on and just may plain forget to keep you updated on their location - problem solved with location monitoring!

  3. While your teen is most likely to use their tablet or laptop when surfing the net, it's still handy to have iPhone monitoring software installed that will track which websites your teen visits, notifying you of anything age-inappropriate.

  4. Perhaps the biggest concern of them all is your teen behind the wheel - with their iPhone: sadly a deadly combination. Some iPhone monitoring software can keep tabs on whether your team texts and drives.

iPhone Monitoring Service Providers

  • Many parents don't realize that their wireless service provider may offer parental control features. Some may be included in your plan, others may be available for purchase at an additional cost. Check with your cell phone company and inquiry what provisions they can offer to help you keep your kids safe while using their iPhone. While the service provider's parental controls may be less robust than third-party software specifically designed to help monitor your teen's iPhone, it's at least a step in the right direction.

  • iPhone has a variety of built-in parental controls and restrictions you can set within your teen's phone that are password protected. Check our digital parenting expert article about setting up restrictions on iPhone to see what's available to you. Meanwhile you should note that built-in Apple’s parent controls lack of monitoring capabilities.

  • There are a few of companies that specialize in iPhone monitoring software. We offer to start your own research from Familoop’s monitoring software - a superior iPhone monitoring solution for concerned parents – sign up for Familoop Safeguard trial to monitor your children’ online effectively and succeed in parenting.

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As you can see, there is a broad range of ways you can monitor your teen's iPhone. Your iPhone monitoring may take a more "light" approach compared with other parents. It all depends on what your primary concerns are - once you know your concerns, you can more easily choose the best iPhone monitoring software that suits your needs. Learn more about the software provisions Familoop offers for iPhone users, such as advanced web filtering features.

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