How to Block Websites

Elena Haidukova on Apr 26, 2016

Wondering how to keep your kids safe online and block inappropriate websites?

Parents may feel apprehensive not only how to block a website on computer, but why to block a website on computer. Some parents’ thinking goes, perhaps when children are old enough to ask certain questions – then they are ready to read the answers online.

We disagree. In this day and age, it is absolutely crucial to monitor browser activity and block websites if they are not age-appropriate. That’s why Familoop has spent many months fine-tuning our age-appropriateness web-filtering software for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS. Of course, while most parents agree sticking to age-ratings is a necessity (age-ratings are there for a reason, after all!), it all comes down to balance. That’s why we’ve designed our web-filtering software so that parents can review all of the sites visited by their child and then make their own judgement call as to which sites are appropriate for their child’s age, and which are not.

While it’s not possible to test out every video game, rap song, television show, or YouTube clip to make sure it’s “parent approved” before your child experiences it, you can easily filter website content all thanks to age-ratings.

How to block a website on computer, tablet, or smartphone is one of the most common questions our clients ask. And to their surprise, we have a very simple answer.

Familoop's Solution for Blocking Websites

There is a tremendous amount of information on the web – much of it may be age-inappropriate for your child. If you’re looking for ways to block websites you can adjust the “hosts” file for every web site in notepad. Sounds overwhelming? Familoop Safeguard makes it easy! Familoop Safeguard offers a variety of tools and features to make your job of monitoring web activity and blocked websites intuitive and seamless.

Blocking websites in any of popular browsers from your Familoop Safeguard account is straight-forward. Familoop is designed with excellent web-filtering already built-in based on age-appropriateness. With “real time” alerts, parents will be notified if a particular website has been visited by their child that Familoop Safeguard’s software determines as worth bringing to your attention. From your hub, you can easily review your child’s browsing history and discover what sites your child tried to visit but were blocked by Familoop Safeguard. These details can help you add sites on your “black list” or “white list.”

For example, perhaps your child was stopped from opening specific website or web page; however, after reviewing the website yourself you approve your child to view the content or download files. In which case, you can easily adjust the settings in your Familoop Safeguard account so that your child may visit that particular website or specific websites type in the future. Likewise, the same options goe for sites you do not want your child to view – these can be noted in your “black list” of blocked websites or in your list of not accessible types of sites so that your child will not be able to visit the websites going forward. Read our article on how Familoop Safeguard dove-tails Google SafeSearch, creating a winning-combo in the campaign to keep your child safe.

Your kids are already online. Don’t be too late to block inappropriate websites and monitor their online activity and kick-start necessary conversations – sign up for Familoop Safeguard trial to protect your kids online effectively and succeed in parenting.

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