How Can I Block Facebook from my Computer?

Kate Silmon on Sep 22, 2016

block facebook from computer

If Facebook were a country…

You’ve heard the statistic, right? If Facebook were a country, it would have a larger populace than China. That’s right — China’s population of 1.3 billion would be eclipsed by Facebook’s 1.7 billion. And these are active users as of 2016 — not just users that opened an account and forgot about it. This translates to 1 in 7 people on the planet hold an active Facebook account.

Of course, that leaves 6 people that haven’t signed up on Facebook or don’t have an active account on Facebook. The reasons are many — reluctance to disclose personal information online, fears of their kids being vulnerable to rampant Facebook dangers, concern that Facebook will cause low productivity, or just plain disinterested. Some folks may want to find a way for their families to live in harmony with Facebook, and others may want to block Facebook from computer altogether.

Facebook ban - 2 Best Practices

There are various ways to block Facebook website on a personal computer. How to block Facebook from computer? Here’s a rundown of the most technical to least technical methods:

  1. Manual Facebook block:
    What you need is notepad. Next, depending on your operating system, you will have to adjust the “hosts” file for Facebook in notepad. First things first — what’s your operating system? Find it below, navigate to the host file, and open it using notepad.

    • For Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vita, the file is in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\
    • For Mac OS 9, the file is in “System Folder” and then “Preferences
    • For the Mac OS X, the file is at: /private/etc/hosts

    Once you identify the host file, open it in notepad and add these lines at the end of the script:  


    Save your notepad document to the same folder. Try opening Facebook in a browser — you won’t be able to. That’s how to ban Facebook on your personal computer!

  1. If option #1 sounds like too much work, there is an easier way to make the social networking site work with you and your family, rather than setting a carte blanche Facebook block. Maybe “how can I block Facebook from my computer?” isn’t the right question. Familoop Safeguard offers ways to minimize the dangers of Facebook. Parents can add Facebook parental controls which include:

    • Facebook monitoring.
    • Reviewing pictures that your child posts, whether as “private” or “public.”
    • Discover who your child is friends with on Facebook.
    • Receive red-flag alerts if your child is cyberbullied on Facebook.

And most importantly, learn more about your child’s interests — fostering opportunities to bond and grow together.

The world is changing — why not find ways for you and your family to live harmoniously with technology rather than blocking social media sites altogether? Give our parental control software a try, sign up for a free 10-day trial.

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