How a Family Locator App Makes Parenting Easier

Elena Haidukova on Mar 8, 2016

Family locator apps have been around for several years now, and many of them were developed in response to shortcomings in emergency location systems following major natural disasters such as hurricanes. But family locator software has proven to be extremely useful in ordinary everyday life, and many parents say that family locater software makes parenting easier.

Family location app is vital for kids safety
Family locator apps can be tremendously helpful for working parents and parents whose kids have multiple after-school commitments.

Learning how to use family locator apps is simple, because they're designed to be intuitive. These apps use GPS to show the user where other people in a defined list of contacts are located. Parents love these apps because they can find out where their children are at any time, enjoying more peace of mind when, for example, they have multiple children participating in different extracurricular activities.

How Parents Use Family Locator Apps

Working parents find family location apps to be particularly useful for keeping up with kids between the time they finish school and the time parents come home from work. Some apps offer notifications when a child arrives home, and parents can learn where their child is located at any time. Spouses may also use family location apps for convenience. Perhaps one parent, who is making supper, discovers the milk carton is almost empty. The family locator app shows the other parent headed home. An alert can be sent to say, "Please stop by the supermarket and pick up a gallon of milk." When families go their separate ways at shopping malls, theme parks, or other large areas, they can find each other easily and avoid wandering around looking for each other.

Familoop Safeguard as an example of family locator app
Geo-Fencing Helps You Set Geographic Boundaries

Geo-fencing is a terrific tool for parents whose children have some freedom to roam, but who are not allowed to just go anywhere. When a parent sets up the boundaries of a virtual geo-fence, the family locater app "knows" to send the parent an alert any time the child crosses out of the allowed area. Geo-fences can be age-customized so that, for example, your high school student is able to travel farther without setting off an alert, and your middle school student is only allowed to be in your immediate neighborhood. Some parents worry about a child simply leaving their phone at home to make it appear that's where they are, but this is usually not a problem, because teens in particular rarely go anywhere without their phone.

Did Children Go Where They Said They Would?
Family locator app for tracking kids location on their way to school
Locator tools can let you know your child arrived at the right place at the right time, or that your child wandered away from areas where he or she was allowed.

Another helpful feature of some family locator apps is the location history. If your child says he went to piano lessons, stopped at a neighbor's house, and then came home, you can check his phone and make sure that's the case. If an older child is allowed to go anywhere with one or two exceptions, you can check the phone to find out if she went to any place she was not supposed to go. Location history can be a very handy parental tool for monitoring the whereabouts of children who are old enough to work, or go on dates, because it shows exactly where the phone user was, what time, and for how long. Many teens like locator apps because they can build up trust with parents by being where they said they would be and earning more freedom.

Comprehensive Protection That Includes a Family Location App

Child location tracking with Familoop Safeguard
Family locator functionality in Familoop's Parental Control Software

Learning how to use family locator functionality is easy if you have a comprehensive family internet protection software like Familoop Safeguard. Rather than having to install operating system-specific, program-specific, or device-specific safeguards, you can install one overarching security solution to protect your children from inappropriate content and contacts whether they're on the family computer, a smartphone, tablet, or any other device. Family locator functions included with Familoop Safeguard include geo-fencing, location histories, and highly accurate positioning. With a single software solution, you can be more confident of your children's safety and security online, and on the mobile network.

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