Family Protection Cheat Sheet

Lucy Smantser on Jun 21, 2016

family protectionFrom health insurance to life insurance, most of us are familiar with some family protection measures we can take to safeguard the people we care about most. However, to ensure you are properly protecting health, home, Internet safety, and financial assets to the fullest; the Familoop team has created a short “cheat sheet” to help you cover all the bases fast. Afterall, when it comes to family protection, it’s crucial you and yours are secure.

Family protection for the future

Families need to safeguard future financial assets. We’ve all heard the term, “saving for a rainy day.” When it comes to finances, it’s of the utmost importance to anticipate an economic downturn or future job loss, even if the grass is green today. Have a six-month emergency fund and avoid withdrawing retirement funds early, otherwise you may incur painful tax penalties. And besides, the less you money have in your retirement portfolio, the less money you can allocate funds to different investments according to the flow of the market’s position.

Long term perspective on life insurance

For many people, life insurance is something that can be put off until they’re much, much older. Not true! Instead of looking at life insurance as just another added expense, consider it as family protection - a buffer in case something happens to you or your spouse. If you really stop and think how your family would get on financially without you, particularly if you have debts that would then burden your loved ones if you pass on, then life insurance transforms from a “waste of money” into something meaningful: it provides security for your family if there comes a time you are not around to provide that security yourself.

Homeowner’s or renter’s insurance

If someone hurts themselves on your property, or if an upstairs neighbor runs their bathtub too long and it crashes through the ceiling - insurance has you covered so you are not liable for damages, lawsuits, etc. What’s more, if your home is burglarized, insurance may also provide you with a maximum benefit to cover loss of possessions due to theft.

Family protection software

And finally, something Familoop knows quite a bit about - family internet protection. Just as it’s important to protect your family offline, it’s equally important to protect them online. With internet phishing, online identity theft, and other cyber-crimes on the rise, protection software is an insurance that’s needed now more than ever. Especially when you consider so many of the other family protection measures may be moot if someone impersonates your identity and tries to glean you of everything you’ve worked for and fought to protect.

Start somewhere

Are your family protection efforts on track? If you still have a ways to go, don’t stress. Simply break each “to-do” down into smaller tasks - such as researching internet protection companies or life insurance policies and whittle them down into your favorites. The important thing is that you start somewhere. In parting, you could consider Familoop Safeguard, a fantastic tool dedicated to keeping the Internet safe for kids. We don’t sell insurance or anything like that; we simply deliver a fantastic parental control software and yet another way you can ensure your family is protected on all fronts - sign up for Familoop Safeguard trial to protect your kids online effectively and focus on actual parenting.

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