Educational Game Online for Children

Lucy Smantser on Jul 22, 2016

Educational Game Online for ChildrenYour kids love games. Instead of the latest "shoot 'em up," how about a fun and educational game online for children? We've scoured the Internet looking for the créme de la créme of a game online for children suitable for various ages. Here is the list we've come up with to help you and your kids get the most out of screen time.

- Brainzy: Brainzy offers a paid subscription service as well as a free service. Both plans provide various online math and reading games. The graphics are bright and eye-catching, the sound effects are captivating, and the content is so fun you would never expect Brainzy games are educational, too! Using input from teachers and what they've found to be the most crucial building blocks for kids ages 3 through 8, there is sure to be a Brainzy game online for children that suits your preschooler, kindergartener, or early primary school-aged tot. It's all about building educational skills in a fun and entertaining way. Our particular favorite is the free "Money Math" game where kids learn invaluable math skills by feeding a cartoonish piggy bank.

- ABCya!: ABCya! is "Kids Safe" and COPPA Certified to deliver the educational goods without any age inappropriate content. Designed for both the computer as well as game apps for kids, ABCya! offers a variety of free games, frequently refreshed on their website so there are always new games circulating in the rotation. The games are colorful and inventive, with a multitude of animation styles, ranging from the retro to modern. One of our favorites is an online game for kids beginning in the second grade to practice distinguishing nouns from verbs. The storyline for this game is a cute monkey wants an ice cream with 10 scoops - in order to get all the scoops, the player must correctly identify nouns and verbs, earning one scoop of ice cream for each correct answer. Give it a try, it's adorable!

- Common Sense Media game apps for kids reviews:. In our research to find the best game apps for kids, we came across Common Sense Media's online app reviews. This website is literally a treasure trove, in and of itself - and with this new discovery of their reviews makes us love them even more. We particularly appreciate their review breakdown in terms of "what kids can learn" and how much violence, sex, drugs, etc is found within each game (if any at all). Of the game apps for kids that Common Sense Media introduced us to, one in particular caught our attention called, "The 1979 Iranian Revolution." This game is available both on mobile and computer. Because the game touches on violent historical events, it is only suitable for kids aged 15+. The storyline is centered around first-person viewpoints of the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The game touches on important themes, historical events, and cultural subjects that are very educational and may initiate some thoughtful dinner table conversations about freedom and democracy. Check out Common Sense Media for even more great tips on game apps for kids worth checking out.

We hope you've enjoyed these resources for computer and game apps for kids. We're sure your kids - no matter their age - will find an educational and age-appropriate game from the resources contained herein. You can also read more about Familoop’s take on various games, including Clash of the Clans or popular apps such as Snapchat on our blog.

If you have any questions about how to determine age appropriate content for your kids, or would like to give Familoop a try for free and discover where your child's favorite apps rank in terms of age appropriateness, visit our free sign-up page.

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