Child Tracking Device: How Does it Work and is there an Alternative?

Elena Haidukova on Aug 16, 2016

Child Tracking Device When I was a kid, the child tracking device at the time was a child leash. For the particularly rambunctious kids who enjoyed wandering away during that split second when their parents weren’t looking, a leash was the only way to ensure a little future Columbus would stay within sight. The child tracking device of today are a kind of GPS locator for kids.

Track or not to track - it’s a question today’s parents struggle with. With so many kids going missing each year, not to mention dangerous situations they can find themselves in at school, many parents are choosing "yes" to a child tracking device.

Why use a GPS Tracking Unit on your Child?

For one, you may stave off an ulcer or two! When you implement GPS tracking devices for kids, you have a little bit more breathing room and may find yourself spending less time worrying idly over your child. You have the peace of mind knowing where they are at all times, and that they will be where they are supposed to be.

I know this may seem counter-intuitive, buy many kids actually prefer a GPS tracking device compared to calling-in to Mom and Dad every time they’re at a friend’s house or to let them know where they are. With GPS tracking, they can go about their day without checking-in constantly, saving valuable time.v

How Does a GPS Tracking Unit Work?

The GPS tracking device is carried on your child - either via a child tracking bracelet or one of the many kids monitoring apps available, and uses the Global Positioning System to determine and track your their precise location. This location is recorded periodically, and the details are stored within the tracking unit or transmitted to a database where the information can be recalled by the parents.

Familoop Safeguard's Location Tracking with Geofencing

Familoop's location tracking is even more robust than the typical GPS, plus it implements geo-fencing. Why is it better? Here are two reasons:

  1. Perhaps the best feature of Familoop's GPS locator for kids is the ability to set up "geo-fences." Parents can mark specific areas on the map as safe or dangerous, and get alerts from the family & child locator whenever your child crosses that boundary.
  2. Unlike a more typical GPS child tracker that monitors your child's location only periodically, the Familoop family & child locator app keeps track of your child’s whereabouts in real-time. This has numerous advantages. For example, say your child has just wandered into a dangerous neighborhood. With GPS, you may not be aware of this for quite some time, depending on when the GPS location is refreshed. In contrast, Familoop alerts parents in real-time, so they know by-the-minute where their child is.

Last but not least, Familoop's child locator with geo-fencing gives parents the ability to not only track where their child is in real-time, but the device’s location history as well. This comes in handy if your child has a habit of misplacing his phone. Simply pull up the location history within your Familoop Safeguard dashboard and locate the phone!

If you're interested in giving Familoop's child locator with geo-fencing a try, sign up with Familoop Safeguard for a free trial today. There is no commitment to purchase, and you have access to all of the fantastic digital safety features that Familoop community members rave about. We look forward to guiding you and your family towards a more digitally-safe lifestyle.

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