Best Kids Sites for Children of all Ages

Elena Haidukova on Sep 8, 2016

The Internet is a treasure-trove of educational tools for your kids. However, parents often must weigh the pros and cons of cutting their child loose on the Net, always with the concern in the back of their mind that their child may stumble onto an inappropriate site. Often, this occurs not because the child was looking for adult content, but because they bumbled upon it by accident while searching for age-appropriate websites.

One way parents can alleviate some of their stress is to provide a list of educational sites for kids. Better yet, bookmark the following best kid sites that are Familoop and Parent-approved or keep them open in your Internet browser so that your child has easy-access.

Best Kid Sites for the Younger Ones

  1. PBS Kids PBS Kids: From “Sesame Street” and “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” to “Between the Lions” and “The Greens” - all of your child’s favorite shows on PBS have their very own section on the PBS Kids website. With interactive videos, games, learning opportunities (math, sorting and counting) and enrichments (sing-a-longs), your child is sure to get hooked on this instant classic. Plus, PBS frequently organizes various writing contents to inspire your child to build skills beyond the realm of popular kids shows.

  2. CoolMath4KidsCoolMath4Kids: You didn’t think math could be cool? Think again! This site touts itself as an "an amusement park of math and more." The variety of games teaches kids (and adults, for those that need a refresher!) fractions, addition, subtraction, decimals, money, time, and many more skills. The game format is certainly amusing, and after your kid gets familiar with math, he’ll feel pretty cool, too!

  3. StarfallStarfall: Founder Stephen Schutz struggled as a child trying to learn how to read. He never forgot his experience falling behind his classmates. Inspired to help others, he created Starfall back in 2002 as a resource for children experiencing reading challenges. What began as a site with strictly ABCs and learning comprehension material has since blossomed into an interactive and enriched website covering a variety of subjects.

  4. Best Kid Sites for the Older Ones

  5. TIME for KidsTIME for Kids: It’s said that despite our unprecedented access to information, the population has become better informed on unimportant matters (what the Kardashians are up to), and less informed on important matters (like history, politics, or current events). Encourage your child not to become another statistic. By giving them an opportunity to learn more about current events, they will have a greater sense of their place in history and the world. TIME magazine presents TIME for Kids, providing kid-friendly content that doesn’t talk down to them, but helps lift them up to understanding current issues, from politics, the environment, sports, and science.

  6. National Geographic KidsNational Geographic Kids: NatGeo for Kids offers fabulous opportunities to be an armchair zoologist. Check out how animals live via animal POV cameras. Discover cool facts about the strangest animals on the planet. Learn more about where animals live and their habitat through interactive activities that will capture the imagination of the young and old alike.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of educational sites for kids. Of course, we’ve only scratched the surface to what’s available out there. Your kids will inevitably discover new websites. Empower them to explore, while not sacrificing their safety and consider implementing Familoop’s child protection software. With smart content filtering and automatic black/white lists, you can rest assured that your child can seek out all the educational opportunities on the Net even when you aren’t there to supervise. Give the Familoop Safeguard parental control software a try with a free trial.

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