Best 5 Mom Communities and Forums

Elena Haidukova on May 12, 2016

You’ve heard that classic Beatles lyric, “I just need a little help from my friends.” This is a fantastic Golden Rule, isn’t it? And it applies to Moms as well when broadening a repertoire of ways to protect kids online. So pull up a chair and settle in to discover the best Mom communities and forums where you can get “a little help from other Moms” that will bring clarity to your parenting state of mind.

  • Cafe Mom logoCafe Mom Known as the “the meeting place for moms,” Cafe Mom is one of the most active mom communities Moms are sure to discover several mommy groups that pertain to their interests - whatever those interests may be. There are also several active threads in the mom forums that concern digital privacy and protection. From whether to allow friends and family to post pictures of your children on social media to cyberbullying, Cafe Moms is a valuable mom community. For a bit of fun, there are also several posts about how to create a digital scrapbook for your child.

  • Circle of Moms logoCircle of Moms One of the most popular parenting websites out there is definitely Circle of Moms, and for good reason! The variety of parenting forums is vast: whether you are a Mom under 20, a single Mom, or a parent that just plain needs to vent - Circle of Moms has a forum for you. For parents who have questions about online privacy, there are active multiple threads to glean well thought out advice. At what age should your child open a Facebook account? When should they have their own cell phone? What information about your child is safe to reveal on your own social media site (a.k.a “oversharenting”)? Is your child having trouble negotiating time between school work and spending too much time on social media? These questions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the wealth of material you will discover in Circle of Moms - it’s certainly one of the best Mom communities and forums out there.

  • Reddit logo Reddit Who hasn’t heard of Reddit these days; did you realize the site is home to one of the most thriving parenting forums on the net? When you visit the parenting forums page, it’s more of a lottery in terms of what kind of information you’ll stumble upon. The forum really runs the gamut, everything from: what to feed your toddler, wi-fi interference with your baby monitor, to how to raise an extrovert when you’re an introvert. In terms of digital safety and privacy, Reddit may not be the most obvious choice. However, the discussion threads are all extremely interesting. Judging by the quality of community responses, any question you post will be met with compassion, honesty, and experience.

  • Rookie Moms logo Rookie Moms is definitely a gem of a resource for new Moms and Dads to put on the list of parenting websites. Rookie Moms is a baby community, specializing in babyhood. As age on this website is measured in weeks and months, digital privacy and safety isn’t a topic that’s touched on too often. However, a random article on digital media and entertainment may be posted every so often.

  • NAEYC logo NAEYC Sometimes busy parents don’t have time to scour through a forum or join various mom communities list groups to receive email updates of desired content. Sometimes, a Mom or Dad just wants to scan a Facebook page for the latest and greatest parenting post. For parents interested in education (who isn’t?), there is “The National Association for the Education of Young Children” Facebook page. This group introduces parents to many federal issues pertaining to education, as well as local educational initiatives. One of the hot-button topics frequently posted to this Facebook page are the pros and cons of incorporating tech in the classroom. Sometimes, the best mom communities and forums aren’t on a website or blog; they’re on a Facebook page!


Parenting is a challenge for every mom. Fortunately, on mom communities and forums your can find many moms who have already blazed a trail and are glad to share their experience and lessons learned with other moms struggling for good advice. We hope that these list of resources help you along your own parenting challenge, so that your family find happiness and success!

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