Anne Livingston Story - My Digital Parenting Journey

Anne Livingston on Aug 18, 2015

Digital Parenting Expert

I am delighted to be Familoop’s Digital Parenting Expert. Here, I will be sharing information on the latest apps, Digital Parenting Tips for managing your families digital use and how to teach your child to have a healthy digital life. Before all that, I wanted to share a little about me and Digital Parenting.

Start of My Digital Parenting Journey

I am from the Pacific Northwest. I have three kids, one in high school and two in middle school. My Digital Parenting journey started when my youngest entered kindergarten. I signed up for a Technology and Law seminar. My plan was to update my skills while making some new connections. Instead of connections, I discovered the world of online data. I listened to speaker after speaker talking about how companies collected and used personal data.

To be honest I was surprised. Like many parents, I had not thought too deeply about what my children were doing online. If my daughter asked for a Facebook account I told her no because Facebook does not allow children under thirteen to have a profile. I assumed this restriction was due to content. At this seminar, I discovered most of my assumptions were wrong.

Talking with my friends and family about online data and kids, I discovered that they were just as surprised as I was. Although many of us had a Facebook account, we opened these accounts in our 30s and never had to worry about a college or a potential employer seeing our embarrassing tweets or Instagram photos. However, our children are documenting their lives on multiple social networks. For them, future employers or colleges will get to know them first online before ever meeting them in person.

Smart Digital Parenting Became My Passion

After the seminar, I began researching and reading everything I could find on kids, social media and data. Honestly, I was disappointed by how little information and digital parenting tips was designed for parents. The few articles about internet safety for kids I did find were either outdated or alarmist. These articles were written before mobile phones and apps or focused exclusively on a small group of teens getting into trouble. As I dug deeper, I began to find new studies on children and media as well as current curriculum on internet safety for kids. I gathered this information, adapted it for parents, and created my website, KidsPrivacy.

For the past 4 years, I have been writing for and presenting to parents about teaching kids to lead healthy digital lives. In 2014, I wrote my first book Talking Digital: A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Kids How to Share Smart and Stay Safe Online. At Familoop, I will be sharing Digital Parenting tips and ideas on how Familoop's smart Parental Control Software can support a family’s Digital Parenting plan.

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