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Elena Haidukova on Aug 25, 2015

We’re pleased to inform you that one of the most useful features of Familoop’s child protection softwareAge-Based Protection Rules – has passed through Familoop verification process aiming to make sure you get the best quality parental control software possible!

child internet protection
Internet child protection software is a useful support for your Digital Parenting

How Does It Work for Family Internet Protection?

Instead of setting up separate Android, Mac or Windows parental controls, Familoop Safeguard automatically sets up Age-Based Protection Rules that ensure the most appropriate web filtering and internet child protection on all devices.

  • For example, for kids under 13 Familoop Safeguard blocks adult/mature content and makes alcohol, drugs, violence and 17 more categories of inappropriate content are not accessible for your kids. In case your kid faces computer problems, downloads some software, shares files or purchases something you are notified instantly. Besides, Internet safety software by Familoop keeps track of all the activity of your kid in social networks, chats and emails, if any, so that you had clear idea of what their kid is doing and encountering online.
  • For 13 – 15 years old teens you are suggested to use a little bit lighter protection rules and prefer monitoring instead of strict control of teen's Internet access and rules of Internet safety. For young teens Familoop Safeguard still blocks adult content and violence to keep your teens' browsing secure, but allows them to learn some information about politics, illegal activities and more. Meanwhile you are notified when you teen experience such type of content, so that you could have a talk and make sure your child is aware of all the rules about Internet safety.
  • Age-Based Protection Rules for 16 – 17 years old teens don’t include blocking content. Meanwhile you get notifications about dangerous content and searches of your teen. Use this information from child internet protection software to kick-start a conversation in time.

We did our best to make it possible for parents to apply in their homes content filtering rules close to policies used in schools and libraries in compliance to CIPA (The Children’s Internet Protection Act). We also took into account that the service should be flexible enough, so that it could work for every unique family.

The same rules don’t work for every family!
child internet protection software
Customized rules for Internet child protection.

You can fine-tune these protection rules to fit your family needs. It is a couple clicks deal to change the suggested rules, create your own custom blacklist and whitelist of sites, and establish preferred e-safety rules for your kids.

Isn’t it wonderful to have such a support for your child internet protection and smart Digital Parenting?

Your kids are already online. Don’t be too late to set up parental software on their devices, monitor their online activity and kick-start necessary conversations – sign up for Familoop Safeguard trial to protect your kids online effectively and succeed in parenting.

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