6 Back to School Tips for Digital Parents

Jennifer McDonnow on Aug 18, 2016

Back to School TipsBack to school time is coming and we all are being prepared to make the next school year a good one. In our digital world it is not only back to school essentials but also getting kids’ devices ready for a new year. Learn 6 things that can help in starting off in digitally connected school year.

It's that time for new school supplies, new clothes, and preparing for the new year of learning. As a Mom of 2, I know the importance of being prepared to make the next school year a good one. We have been getting more organized and working on not only back to school essentials but also getting my kids digital devices ready for a new year.

Here are 6 Back to School tips for Digital Parents that can help in starting things off in our digitally connected world this year:

Clean up Digital Clutter:

Starting off with a clean, well organized slate is a great way to feel fresh and not overwhelmed. On mobile devices, delete apps that are no longer being used. Create folders to organize certain types of apps together. If your kids are using a computer, it's a great time to clean off that desktop - get rid of old files, and organize things into folders. We created 2 new folders this year, one for each child to place their homework or files that they are working on to ensure that no one accidentally deletes something that doesn't belong to them.

Digital Device Contract:

Consider using a Digital Device contract with your child. It's a great time to refresh what your children can and cannot do online. I've created an Internet Safety Contract, you can easily print. Or make your own, with your own rules.

How to Be a Good Digital Parent:

Our friends at FOSI have put together a program that parents can get for free! Check out "How to be a Good Digital Parent" it will give you more insight and suggestions to make sure you don't miss anything this year.

Be an Example:

The best way for your kids to have digital success is to model the behavior you want your children to follow! No texting and driving, having appropriate posts and so on. It feels great to be a good example!

Top Apps for Students:

There are so many apps that can be beneficial to your children and help the school year run smoother. We love the My Homework app, it makes organizing homework a breeze. We also love using Kids Email app to help my children communicate with their teacher. Check out this list of Top 10 Back to School apps for more apps that you may find helpful to use this year.

Ask Questions:

As you go through your child's devices and help them clean things up, if you notice apps that you are not familiar with, don't be afraid to ask questions about how they are used Have your children show you how they work. Children can teach us a lot about technology and open communication can help discuss how things can be used for good or bad.

Your children are already online. Don’t be too late to safeguard their online activity, know where they are getting into trouble and kick-start conversations – sign up for Familoop Safeguard trial to monitor your children online effectively and succeed in parenting this school year.

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