3 Principles of Smarter Digital Parenting with Familoop

Elena Haidukova on Apr 12, 2016

Modern parents find it increasingly hard to keep up with their children's digital lives. Since we first started working on our software in 2012, we had a very clear vision of what using Familoop Safeguard should feel like. This is a blog post about the three most important principles that we stick to.

"Our first principle is helping you feel connected, no matter what devices or social networks your kids and teens are using."
Connected devices, social networks and apps

Principles of Smarter Digital Parenting

Familoop Safeguard runs on all your child’s devices running Mac OS, Windows, Android or iOS. Once installed, it connects to your online dashboard called Familoop Hub and lets you monitor their browsing activity, control screen time, set up age-based protection rules and more.

But most importantly, Familoop Safeguard lets you protect your child’s social networks. Current version of the parental control software supports Facebook and Twitter, and much more social networks are on their way. And don’t worry, you don’t need to remember any of your child’s accounts - Familoop Safeguard will show you what they’re using and connect to their accounts automatically. Pretty cool, right?

What’s also important is that we let you know when your children start using dating or anonymous messaging apps like Tinder, Snapchat, Secret or Yik-Yak on their Android phone or tablet, Windows PC or Mac.

Note that functionality of our parental control app for iPhone has some limitations.

You might think that’s A LOT of information for a busy parent to handle, but we’ve designed Familoop Safeguard specifically not to overwhelm you. Our powerful cloud service analyzes the data 24/7 to show you only the most important information, letting you dive into more detail when necessary. This brings us to our second goal.

"Our second principle is helping you feel confident that your child is protected and that you’re not missing anything important."

Internet safety tip for digital parents

Easy setup with Autoprotection rules

Setting up your child’s account is as easy as entering their name and age. Familoop Safeguard automatically applies the best protection settings - for example, it will block your preteen from visiting websites about weapons and will notify you if your teen visits them. Of course, you can easily customize these settings to match your family’s needs and digital parenting approach.

Digital parenting dashboard

All activity at a glance

The main page on Familoop Hub is called Insights. It’s designed to quickly show you the full picture and answer all your questions - which websites your child visited, who they chatted with, what they posted and uploaded recently and much more. Any suspicious activity is highlighted and brought to your attention for smarter digital parenting. Besides, you’ll get email notifications whenever something important happens.

Digital parenting bookmarks

Bookmark people and events to review later

Familoop Safeguard is the only parental software that lets you easily mark important events with a Star, so that you can come back later to look into them more carefully and discuss them with your child and/or spouse.

An insight into kids' contacts

Focus on actual people, not fragmented conversations

Your kids can talk with the same person on different channels - like Facebook, Skype and Email. It felt natural that we should merge all these conversations with the same person into a single account. This lets you view them all in one place and never worry about missing any important piece.

All of the above are very useful features for parents, but we also realized early the need to make Familoop Safeguard agreeable and beneficial to kids themselves. This is exactly what our third goal is about.

"Our third principle is helping you be fair to your child - and of course, your child will feel this, too."

Advanced monitoring options for digital parents

You decide what not to monitor

With only a few clicks, you can choose not to monitor any particular website category, social network or other service. For example, if you trust that your teen is behaving responsibly on Facebook, you can disable monitoring it by unchecking a single box. If you trust them with all social networks, you can set the whole Social Networks web category to “Do not monitor”.

Choose trustworthy contacts

Don’t monitor the friends you can trust

We have to respect our kids’ privacy. If your child feels embarrassed about you monitoring their conversations with their best friends, with Familoop Safeguard you can make smart digital parenting decision and give them what they want without compromising their protection from strangers. Just set some of their contacts to “Do not monitor”.

(Make sure you don’t confuse “Do not monitor” with “VIP contacts” - the list of people your child can call and text even if their device has been locked by time restrictions.)

Set accountability mode for mature child

Accountability mode

It’s a great feeling as a parent to know that your children fully understand the digital rules you’ve set and they are responsible enough to use the Internet on their own. But even when you’re already there, it won’t harm anyone if you check in lightly every once in a while. The Accountability Mode lets you only see the websites they visit and apps they use. Their Social Media activity will not be monitored.

More greatness coming in 2016

Here’s just a few of the exciting new features that we’re working on and will soon introduce:

  • Time limits and advanced app restrictions to manage time spent on browsing, social media, apps usage and set app restrictions for bed time and school time

  • Discussions of websites and apps built right into Familoop Hub - so that you know instantly what other parents think about the websites and apps your child is using

  • Curated collections of child-friendly websites for parents to choose from and recommend to kids via Familoop Safeguard

  • Letting parents share their own collections of great websites and apps to recommend, as well as bad ones to alert or block

Your kids are already online. Don’t be too late to protect your kids – sign up for Familoop Safeguard trial to keep your kids safe online effectively, feel connected and succeed in parenting.

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