Web Filtering: How to Protect Kids from Inappropriate & Harmful Content

Elena Haidukova on Aug 24, 2016

This post is a part of the Parenting Challenges Series, featuring real mom problems and suggesting quick tips and solutions for them.

Internet delivers a lot of good opportunities for education and fun for children. The problem is that children can far too easily stumble upon age-inappropriate and harmful content that you, as a parent, would rather want them not to see. Even when watching only children videos on YouTube or searching something for completing their homework assignments, children are just several clicks away from adult or violent content. Not surprising that so many parents feel concerned with safety of children from age-inappropriate and harmful content.

How web filtering software can help with keeping kids safe

Real Mom Problem:

"My children are becoming old enough to use the computer. Some of the things I have seen on the Internet are very disturbing and wrong. And some of the things I have seen done by children are even worse. How to protect my children from Internet garbage?"

Quick Tips:
  • Figure out intentions. Determine the kind of things your children are likely to do online.
  • Agree background rules. Choose which search engines, browsers, websites and apps are the best for your children to use.
  • Set up parental controls. Activate your parental controls on every device your child uses including mobile phone, tablet and desktop PC in order to filter out web content your children shouldn’t see.
  • Monitor viewed content. Review what your children are viewing and keep assured that they follow the agreed background rules and don’t come across harmful things online by accident.
  • Keep talking. Teach your children avoid unsuitable content, and cope with it if they occasionally see it.

Familoop’s Solution for Web Filtering

It might be time-consuming to set up individual controls for each phone, tablet and desktop PC your children have access to and monitor all the content they view on these devices. Familoop Safeguard allows you to manage protection settings on all of devices and keep monitoring under one umbrella. By bringing all this together Familoop Safeguard helps with protecting your children online effectively and focusing on actual parenting.

Check out a short list of features for web filtering and keeping your kid safe from harmful content and parenting them smartly:

Familoop Safeguard takes into consideration your child’s age and blocks unsafe websites and search results, age-inappropriate pictures, and videos in browsers on each of your child’s devices that might be desktop PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phone or tablet.

Some unsuitable content can be stumbled upon through apps your children have downloaded to their mobile devices. Once you set up Familoop Safeguard on your child’s device, it makes sure that your child couldn’t use any apps rated for older users and keep him/ her protected from experiencing age-inappropriate media due to curiosity.

On your parenting dashboard you can see what websites your children visited and what videos they watched from browsers. In case your children may stumble upon unsuitable sites or videos by accident through links they’ve been sent by friends, you see it on your parenting dashboard and can kick-start a useful conversation with your children.

Even more, Familoop Safeguard makes it easy for you to check in what your children do on social media, know how long they are online and keep track of their physical location history. Familoop Safeguard is more than just Parental Control Software, but your smart parenting partner.

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