How to Prevent Harm done with Sexting

Elena Haidukova on Nov 26, 2015

This post is a part of the Parenting Challenges Series, featuring real mom problems and suggesting quick tips and solutions for them.

Technology has become a centerpiece in teens’ social life and a part of their sexual interactions and explorations. We have to face that teens frequently send sexually suggestive nude and semi-nude images to show off, to entice someone, to show interest in someone, or to prove commitment. Most teens don’t “sext” and most of those who do experience no bad consequences. But for teens who do sexting there is always risk of having their photos widely distributed. Many parents bust their teens for sexting and get concerned for preventing potential harm of teen sexting.

How to prevent harm done with sexting

Real Mom Problem:

"I caught my teen sexting on her phone with a complete stranger, now what?"

Quick Tips:
  • Skip the lecture. You might say you read a news article on sexting and ask your child's opinion on it. You’ll get to know some useful information to make this conversation as useful as possible.
  • Explain dangers. Your teens may not realize their embarrassing photo or text message can be distributed widely. Explain that texts and snaps aren't like private conversations and their online friends can quickly forward a mean text or a private photo to their buddies.
  • Keep talking. Get your teen's input on all tough topics including sexting, digital reputation, cyberbullying and much more.
  • Consider setting up Parental Control software that could highlight potentially harmful activities of your teen online and help with choosing the best topic for your next conversation with your teen.
Familoop’s Solution for Parents

Familoop Safeguard is more than just Parental Control Software, it’s your best partner when teaching your teens how to stay safe and share smartly online without control and parents looking over their shoulders. Here’s a short list of useful features of Familoop Safeguard:

Wondering if it is urgent to talk about sexting? Familoop Safeguard analyzes what your teens post on social media or send via text message from Android device and alerts you to potential problems. On your parenting dashboard, you can quickly see what was flagged, drill down to see the actual conversation and have talk to your child right away about sexting, dealing online sexual abuse or mean comments and whatever you might find worth talking.

Does your teen like exchanging pictures with online friends? With Familoop Safeguard you can review all the photos and pics stored on your teen’s iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet before they get sent to someone or distributed across social media and prevent harm done with sexting.

Does your teen have suspicious online friends? Familoop Safeguard thoroughly analyzes profiles, calls, messages, friends, tweets, shares, likes and other social activities on your home desktop PC, teen's Android phone or tablet. You are notified about signs of online predators, cyberbullies and contacts with bad language or suspected in online sexual abuse. When notified you can either dismiss it or drill down to check all the actual conversations with a specific person.

Do you worry about shift of texting into sexting? Once you install Familoop Safeguard on your teen’s Android device, SMS text message monitoring is enabled right away. Know what your teen is texting about and with whom, get alerted in case red flag words of sexting, online sexual abuse, cyberbullying, profanity and more are detected in texting of your teens or in messages they receive. Text messages monitoring for iOS devices is coming soon.

Even more, Familoop Safeguard makes it easy for you to check in on your teens’ digital activity, know how long your teens are staring screens, what they are doing on desktop PCs and mobile devices, and keep track of their location history from their iPhone or Android phone. Familoop Safeguard is more than just Parental Control Software, but your smart parenting partner.

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