At What Age Should Kids Get Their First Cell Phones?

Elena Haidukova on Aug 22, 2016

This post is a part of the Parenting Challenges Series, featuring real mom problems and suggesting quick tips and solutions for them.

Cell phone is a great way to stay in touch with your kid anytime, anywhere, but in addition your kid gets able to create text, pictures and videos that can be distributed widely, communicate to strangers, overplay games and more. When it is time to get first cell phone for your kids? It’s a tough call for many parents, because it’s not just about age.

At what age should kids get their first cell phones?

Real Mom Problem:

“My 10 year old is bugging me for a cell phone as far as a few of his little friends already have cell phones. He is very responsible for his age but I am thinking 10… I wonder if it is good time for my child to have his first cell phone and how do I keep my child safe on his phone. What parents should do in this situation?”

Quick Tips:
  • Determine if your kid truly needs cell phone or not (e.g. your kid is visiting family in another town; your kid has a lot of afterschool activities, etc.).
  • Consider putting limits on kid's phone use and set up parental controls for making sure your kid follows your rules and restrictions.
  • Make the decision that's right for you and your family.
Familoop’s Solution for Parents

In case you decide that your kid should have cell phone, your kid’s digital world will soon be expanding. With Familoop Safeguard you can protect your kids before they go with their new cell phone. Here’s a short list of features for ensuring cell phone safety for your kids:

Is your child curious? Familoop Safeguard hides inappropriate apps and movies, filters out adult sites and keeps your kid free of dangerous search results on iPhone and Android smartphones.

Does your child like taking pictures? Review all the photos and pics stored on your kid’s iPhone or Android smartphone before they go public and protect your kid’s reputation.

Would your children be glued to a screen all day if you let them? Know how much time your children spend sneaking on the screen of their iPhone or Android smartphone and have a talk.

Did your child make it safely to the school? Locate your child any time and check location history. Get alerted when your child enters dangerous neighborhoods, comes to school, leaves home or crosses a geo-fence.

Does your child get calls from strangers? Review contact list on iPhone. If your child has Android smartphone, know how frequently and to whom he/she communicates. Keep your child safe from dangerous contacts.

Do you worry about texting? Once you install Familoop Safeguard on your kid’s Android device SMS text message monitoring is turned on by default. Know what your kid is texting about and with whom, get alerted in case any red flag words is detected in your kid’s texting.

Even more, Familoop Safeguard also works on Mac and Windows PCs and has pre-defined age-based Protection Rules that you can easily apply on any device your kid uses. Familoop Safeguard is more than just Parental Control Software, but your smart parenting partner.

Even more features for keeping your kids' phones safe are on their way. If there is one constant in life, it’s that technology is changing all of the time. You can be sure that the team here at Familoop will always find ways to ensure more effective and seamless cell phone safety for your kids.

Protect your kids from the very beginning. Don’t be too late to safeguard their online activity, know where they are getting into trouble and kick-start conversations – sign up for Familoop Safeguard trial to protect your kids online effectively and focus on actual parenting.

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