Interview with Dr. Devorah Heitner: What is true screen wisdom?

Devorah Heitner

By Elena Haidukova on Sep 23, 2016

It’s time to find your way from 'screenworried' to 'screenwise'! In this interview Dr. Devorah Heitner – Digital Parenting Expert – gives valuable insights and advices on how to become digital mentors to your kids and introduces her new book. Read on!

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5 Best Phones to Assist with Cell Phone Parenting

cell phone parenting

By Lucy Smantser on Sep 20, 2016

Many parents are thrilled with the advantages and risks a cellphone offers in kids’ hands. With so many to choose from, it’s challenging to find a cellphone that suits your family needs and meets safety requirements. Hopefully our five favorites list soon to follow helps.

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iTunes or Google Play? Kids Movie Guide

Kids Movie Guide

By Kate Silmon on Sep 15, 2016

Curious which streaming and download service - iTunes or Google Play - will provide the best kid-friendly entertainment options at a price point? Check out our kids movie guide and find out.

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Your Kids’ Unauthorized Purchases Cost More Than You Think

Unauthorized Purchases

By Jake Rheude on Sep 12, 2016

Kids frequently rack up huge charges on parents’ credit card bill with unauthorized purchases. There might be an element to your parental controls that you’re missing in your family! Learn more about reliable preventing of unauthorized purchases and protect you kids online.

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5 Hacks to Guide Your Teen’s Smart Choices

teens smart choices

By Elena Haidukova on Sep 9, 2016

Your teens are confronted with challenging every time they go online. Have your teens ask themselves these 5 questions in sticky situations to cultivate your teens’ smart choices.

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Best Kids Sites for Children of all Ages

By Elena Haidukova on Sep 8, 2016

Parents know the Internet is a great resource for educational sites for kids. Are you unsure where to start? This list of the best kid sites will help you hit the ground running!

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Top 5 Laptops That Are Safe For The Whole Family

JellyBean Mini Android Laptop

By Jennifer Merrigan on Sep 2, 2016

Check out the list of top laptops for the whole family. They are both user-friendly and safe for your kids when used together with reliable parental control software. Have you tried any of the listed laptops in your family?

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Handy Teens Parenting Checklist

teen parenitng checklist

By Lucy Smantser on Sep 1, 2016

Are you experiencing this ever challenging period of parenthood as raising a teen? Check out our handy parenting checklist to help you in this exciting journey.

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Video Game Safety: A Parent’s Checklist


By Jessica Thiefels on Aug 30, 2016

Video games are almost always within reach. Parents are wondering how they can stop Pokemon Go and other popular games or better control their child’s use of these games. Read on for quick and simple game safety tips for parents!

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Web Filtering: How to Protect Kids from Inappropriate & Harmful Content

By Elena Haidukova on Aug 24, 2016

Internet delivers a lot of good opportunities for education and fun for children. The problem is that children can far too easily stumble upon age-inappropriate and harmful content that you, as a parent, would rather want them not to see. Even when watching only children videos on YouTube or searching something for completing their homework assignments, children are just several clicks away from adult or violent content. Not surprising that so many parents feel concerned with safety of children from age-inappropriate and harmful content.

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