Parental Control for Tablets

Parental Controls for Tablets

Tablets make computing easy and portable for your children. They also make the dangers of the Internet harder to monitor since tablets and phones go wherever your children do. It’s up to you to use parental controls for tablets to mentor your children online and monitor their activity.

  • Web filtering and safe search
  • Monitoring kids’ online activity
  • Screen time monitoring
  • New photos monitoring
  • Child location tracking
  • Blocking of apps and games by age-rating
  • Alerts about red flags or cyberbullying and other dangerous activities
  • Social networks monitoring: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more coming soon!

Why are parental controls for tablets so important?

Tablets provide innumerable opportunities for children to learn and connect with friends and family, but like any other computing device, parental supervision is necessary to protect them from the dangers of the internet. parental controls app for tablets allow parents to set boundaries and encourage safe digital behavior. Whether you want to simply limit screen time or engage in more complex methods of monitoring in order to prevent cyberbullying, deter online predators, and restrict access to adult content, tablet parental controls will help you be a smart digital parent.

You’re 1 click away from becoming a Smart Digital Parent

Whether your child has an iOS or an Android tablet, Familoop Safeguard will give you the parental controls for tablets that you need. Familoop’s app allows you to not only limit and monitor your children’s activities, but also gives you insights into what they’re doing online. Are they spending their screen time to improve their grades? Or are they playing video games instead of doing homework?

With Familoop Safeguard, you’ll be able to monitor and adjust tablet parental controls for your children’s device right from your desktop computer, parental apps for Android and iOS are coming soon. In addition to any native tablet parental controls your device may already have, you’ll be able to supervise your child by monitoring their location, web searches, contacts, visited and blocked websites, photos in their Camera Roll, and amount of screen time. You’ll know what your child is up to online and be able to use your insights for smart digital parenting.

Note that a client app should be installed on your child’s device in order for you to receive reports of mobile device usage and location:
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How will Familoop Safeguard’s parental controls for tablet help my child use technology wisely?

Tablet parental controls are a great way to set expectations on appropriate Internet usage with your child. With Familoop’s monitoring app, you can intervene when you catch your child engaging in unsafe behavior on their tablet. By being able to view pictures and videos your child stores and/or shares on their tablets, in addition to comments, status updates, and chats, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your child with parental controls for tablets and settle any issues before they escalate.

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