Parental Controls for Samsung Tablet

Samsung tablet parental controls

Is your child a happy owner of Samsung tablet? As a parent, you should be concerned about browsing dangerous media, in-app purchases, online predators, cyberbullying and more, Familoop Safeguard can help.

I trust my kid, so why would I need parental controls for Samsung tablet?

You’ve heard the cliché that the Internet is like the Wild West. From online predators to damaging comments on social media, or sneaky in-app purchases; it takes a lot more than “trust” to keep kids safe today. While children are curious, what concerns parents most are the things that the kids can’t control. And even for the most vigilant children, there are plenty of unsavory people online to steal financial information, damage your child’s reputation, or worse…. That’s why Samsung tablet parental controls are so crucial.

This is where Familoop’s Samsung tablet parental controls app comes in. We’ve designed the app and companion Familoop Safeguard web-based tool to work in concert, protecting your child from everything you know – and don’t know – is out there.

What are Familoop’s Samsung tablet parental controls?

We’ve combined two powerful forces in one: monitoring and controlling.

Monitoring: The Familoop’s Samsung tablet parental controls app has a wide-range of monitoring features. Once the app is installed on your child’s device, you can visit the Familoop Safeguard account and monitor everything, from website searches to websites your child has visited. Who is calling your child? And who is your child calling or texting back? These details can be easily culled from the Familoop Safeguard account.

Note that a client app should be installed on your child’s device in order for you to receive reports of device usage and location:
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Other great monitoring Samsung tablet parental controls include the ability to track the real-world locations your child has visited. You can also review your child’s contacts in their phonebook, photos in the album (including MMS pictures), and follow up on your child’s time spent online. Everything from time spent browsing websites, engaging in social media, apps, games, IM/Chat/ SMS apps, and even television, video, and phone calls can all be pulled up to determine time spent on such activities.

Controlling: There may be instances where you need to go beyond monitoring your child’s activity. We’ve made it easy for you to have full reign of Familoop’s parental controls on Samsung tablet via the Familoop Safeguard account online. Within your online account, you can block or limit web-browsing, apps, and games viewed by your child. Do you have particular concerns about an app or video? Select the parameters within your account so that those items or activities you prefer to block are set as such. Filtering is easy, and you can follow through based on the name, category, or content rating of the app.

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How will you improve Familoop’s Samsung parental control app?

Easy, this is our favorite question. There are many ways we will continue to improve Samsung parental control app and features. Our most anticipated feature that will soon come to market is the ability to set time limits on Internet and apps usage. Parents will also be able to set app and feature limits for Bedtime, School time, and Screen time. There is a lot to look forward to!

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