Parental Controls for Mozilla Firefox

Firefox parental controls

Children can far too easily stumble upon inappropriate and harmful media that you, as a parent, would rather filter out of their browsers. Consider using parental controls for Firefox to maintain and succeed with protecting your children online.

How do Firefox parental controls keep my family safe?

Everyone deserves to enjoy the Internet safely. This is our overriding philosophy when it comes to everything we do. Our Firefox parental controls provide Internet filtering in a way that is easy to use and highly effective. Block all inappropriate content, websites, pages, and eliminate negative or adult content from displaying in search results.

How do the Mozilla Firefox parental controls and Internet filter work?

The Mozilla Firefox parental controls enable the Internet filter to work seamlessly. Once installed, our smart Internet filter automatically blocks any age-inappropriate content and websites from searches. While your child has the ability to use the “incognito mode”, we will still notify you if any suspicious content and searches happen to come up.

Familoop’s Firefox parental controls set up age-based Protection Rules by default. This saves you time as you will not need to set up separate Internet filters on Android, Mac, or Windows devices.

Will you have to install yet another application looking like Firefox on your home computer? Nope. Our Internet filtering and Firefox parental controls is so easy, all native Mozilla Firefox browser is protected.

How do I delve into Mozilla Firefox parental controls?

It’s quite straightforward. Determine which search engines, websites, and apps will be used by your kids. Next step: set-up parental controls by activating the parental controls on your child’s devices. You can monitor the content, web searches, and web queries initiated by your child.

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What updates can we expect for Firefox parental controls in the future?

If there is one constant in life, it’s that technology is changing all of the time. You can be sure that the team here at Familoop will always find ways to make protecting your child more effective and seamless.

When we’ve asked users of our Firefox parental controls what some of their concerns are, we often hear parents wish their child spent less time online. With smartphones, iPads, and computers, kids today are always tempted by spending time online. Our up and coming updates will include features that provide parents the ability to set time limits on website and app usage.

Additionally, parents will have an opportunity to set app and feature limits for Bedtime, School time, and Screen time. Stick with us, and together we can ensure your child uses the Internet safely while still having time to enjoy other pursuits.

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