Parental Controls for Mac

parental controls for mac

Your child may be mature enough for his/ her age and tend to be a responsible Internet user, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Consider using parental controls for Mac to maintain and succeed with your child’s protection online.

Can parental controls for Mac help me protect my kid while they’re online?

Absolutely. Familoop Safeguard is designed with you - the parent - in mind. We’ve created an intuitive, streamlined website where you can choose from a myriad of monitoring and controlling parental controls for Mac to ensure the most failsafe protection for your child.

We all agree online technology, including social media and networking is a fantastic resource that our kids can benefit from. But looming questions always come into play: “What about online predators?” “Is my child being treated fairly on social media?” “How can I prevent my child from browsing adult content online?” “How to block sites on Mac?”

All very good questions, and fortunately we have a very good answer: Familoop Safeguard’s parental control software for Mac.

Does Familoop Safeguard support “monitoring” parental controls for Mac?

Yes. Familoop Safeguard’s parental controls for Mac include the ability to monitor every essential facet while your child is on his Mac computer. Once you join the Familoop community, you can enter into your Familoop Safeguard account and monitor websites your child has visited, web searches he has made, social network activities, photos and videos watched, and apps installed.

As parents ourselves, we realize that there are other concerns that come into play, particularly when it comes to how much time kids spend online. Familoop Safeguard’s parental controls on Mac also permit parents to monitor how much time a child spends browsing websites, social networks, games, messengers/chats, watching TV, and listening to music.

What else does Familoop’s parental control software for Mac include?

In addition to monitoring, parents can limit or exclude altogether certain web searches, social networks, and content kids have access to. Within the Familoop Safeguard account, parents can also select an age range, which will automatically block apps outside the age restrictions. In addition, parents can block apps by name, category, and content rating. Yet another feature that makes parental controls on Mac more fluid is the parent’s ability to disable all limits by entering a Passcode on the child’s device. And finally, parents may set bedtime, school time, and screen time limits on Macs. Controls setting are endless!

  • Monitor visited web sites, searches made, and more
  • Know screen time and apps running time
  • Monitor visited web sites, searches made, and more
  • Block apps by name, category or content rating
  • Get alerted about dangerous activity
  • Set time limits and app restrictions for Bedtime, School time, and more *

* - Coming soon

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Does Familoop Safeguard’s parental controls for Mac support all Mac OS X versions and devices?

Familoop Safeguard supports any Mac mini, iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook running OS X 10.10 or higher.

Operating systems for Mac that Familoop Safeguard supports are OS X 10.11 "El Capitan", OS X 10.10 and "Yosemite". While Familoop Safeguard may work on older versions, it is not guaranteed.

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