Parental Controls for iPhone

iPhone parental controls

Is your child a happy owner of iPhone? Parents should take every precaution to safeguard their child’s online activities. It sounds challenging, but armed with smart parental controls for iPhone any careful parents can protect their children online effectively and focus on actual parenting.

Why be concerned with iPhone parental controls?

iPhones and other smartphone technology provide amazing opportunities for youngsters to learn and stay connected with friends and family. However, given the many risks online, failure to monitor your child’s activity leaves them very vulnerable. The dangers today are too numerous to mention, from the extreme: online predators, adult material, bullying on social media, to the less extreme: playing video games before their homework is finished.

Every parent will do everything in their power to keep their kid safe. Sounds difficult to keep track of your child’s online activities? Surprise, it is quite easy. Familoop’s app ensures parental controls on iPhone are seamless to initiate and manage; ensuring kids enjoy their time online without the risks.

What iPhone parental controls features are available?

Familoop takes a two-pronged approach to keep your kids safe. Thanks to iPhone parental controls app, you can monitor and control who and what your child interacts with online, and how often.

Once the Familoop app is installed on your child’s iPhone, you can go into your Familoop Safeguard account online and explore the iPhone parental controls options available to you. Online, you can specify how you wish to monitor and safeguard your child’s online activity.

Monitor: Keep an eye on websites your child has visited, web searches they’ve made, photos they’ve taken and saved to their photo album, contacts they’ve stored in their phonebook, as well as total screen time. You can also monitor where your child has been throughout the day. Was he really sleeping over at little Joey’s house like he said? Keep track via Familoop’s iPhone parental control features at anytime by logging into your Familoop Safeguard account.

Note that a client app should be installed on your child’s device in order for you to receive reports of mobile device usage and location:

Control: Once the app is installed on your child’s iPhone, age-based protection will be applied by default. Familoop’s app limits your child’s access to apps and content ranked for older users at the App Store, iBooks, and iTunes (YouTube and KIK are ranked for 17+ users and are blocked for younger users by automatically). Further customization is possible, such as inputting blocked apps from your Familoop Safeguard account. Within the account, you can filter what apps, movies, and TV shows your child has access to, filtering out by age rating. Concerned about your child reading adult content in websites, iBooks, or iTunes? No problem, simply exclude inappropriate content your child would have access to all within your Familoop Safeguard account online.

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What does make iPhone 7 parental controls by Familoop “special”?

Many additional parental controls for iPhone delivered by Familoop include setting up geofences, limitations or exclusions within the App Store, in-app purchases, movies, TV shows, iTunes, Safari, Siri, Camera, FaceTime, screenshots, and iCloud Photo Sharing.

Parents may also set up app and feature limits from their Familoop Safeguard account for bedtime, school time, and screen time. With the wide array of Familoop features available, our software makes it easy to assist you in guiding your child towards healthy habits that are sure to improve your family’s overall success and happiness. Finally, there is a parental control solution so that iPhone for kids can be both safe and fun!

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