Parental Control for iOS

Parental Controls for iOS

Kids today know how to use iOS devices and apps almost before they can talk and their digital savvy outpaces their ability to make safe decisions online. How do you keep up with their activity online and make sure that they are responsible both online and in real life?

  • Web filtering and safe search
  • Monitoring kids online activity
  • Screen time monitoring
  • Camera Roll monitoring
  • Child location tracking
  • Geofencing, alerts about child’s whereabouts
  • Blocking of apps by content rating

Digital parenting with iOS devices

Parents often choose iPhones and iPads for their children due to Apple’s built-in iOS parental controls and restrictions. These controls are designed to make sure that your child’s device experience is age appropriate. Though the built-in iOS parental controls help limit your child’s access to age-inappropriate apps, games and content, they do have limitations. Parents have to set restrictions on each individual mobile device and the devices provide no insights into your child’s digital activity.

Every parent will do everything in their power to keep their kid safe. Sounds difficult to keep track of your child’s online activities? Surprise, it is quite easy. Familoop’s app ensures parental controls on iPhone are seamless to initiate and manage; ensuring kids enjoy their time online without the risks.

You’re 1 click away from becoming a Smart Digital Parent

3rd party vendors provide more extensive iOS parental controls to ensure your child’s safety. Familoop Safeguard’s iOS parental controls picks up where Apple’s parental restrictions leave off and allows you to not only limit the content your child has access to, but also give you insights

Familoop’s iOS parental controls allow you to monitor your child’s visited and blocked websites, web searches, contacts, amount of screen time, and even the photos in their Camera Roll. In addition, Familoop’s unique platform delivers feature that allow you to monitor iOS parental controls for multiple devices in your secure Parent Account on Familoop Hub. This hub enables you to engage in smart digital parenting as you supervise your child’s browsing experience, contacts, location, photos, and screen time.

Note that a client app should be installed on your child’s device in order for you to receive reports of mobile device usage and location:

What’s the best way to ensure my child is using their iOS device safely?

Use Familoop Safeguard’s iOS parental controls as a springboard to start conversations with your children about appropriate Internet usage and how to use technology safely and responsibly. As your child matures, you can use the Familoop Hub to review and adjust iOS parental controls to reflect their growing sense of responsibility.

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