Parental Controls for iPad

iPad parental controls

When playing with iPad your child can occasionally get access to harmful information as well as open the “door” to Internet threats. So if you have any concerns about online predators, fishing, and scams – Familoop has your back.

  • Web filtering and safe search
  • Screen time monitoring
  • Camera Roll monitoring
  • Child location tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Blocking of age-inappropriate apps

What can Familoop’s iPad parental controls app do for me?

Familoop Safeguard is designed to make your job easier as a parent. Everything from monitoring what websites your child visits to limiting screen time, Familoop’s top priority is for our parents to have the iPad parental controls necessary to keep their child safe.

Best of all, the parental control for iPad assists parents in teaching children good Internet habits. Through intuitive monitoring and controlling selections within the Familoop Safeguard account, parents can set protection rules and control screen time.

Tell me more about parental control on iPad

Everyone here at Familoop understands there are two requirements for keeping kids safe: monitoring their activities and protecting them from inappropriate content. Familoop’s app provides parental controls on iPad to assist you in monitoring and controlling the content your child has access to, who they communicate with, what pictures they take and save, and keep track of your child’s location.

Once installed on your child’s iPad, Familoop’s app has many automatic features that will kick-in immediately. Further iPad parental controls can be modified via the Familoop Safeguard online account. It’s easy to set parental control from the Familoop Parent Account at anytime, anywhere!

Note that a client app should be installed on your child’s device in order for you to receive reports of device usage and location:

Monitor: What web searches has your child been requesting lately? Find out on Familoop Safeguard online and keep track. You can also review photos your child has taken, photos he has saved to his photo album, and even contacts in the phonebook. You can also monitor how many minutes/hours per day your child has spent on the iPad via our screen time feature. As well, determine where your child has been with the iPad parental controls in your Familoop Safeguard account online.

Control: Managing the setting controls of Familoop’s app requires very minimum maintenance. In fact, immediately upon installation on your child’s iPad, the app gets to work. By default, age-based protection will initiate. These default settings include age-based protection, automatically limiting your child’s access to content within the App Store, iBooks, and iTunes that is ranked for older users. Your child will not have access to YouTube and KIK as these are ranked for 17+ users. Of course, you can customize any limitation and exclusion within your Familoop Safeguard account online. Apps, movies, and TV shows can all be filtered based on age rating, making it the most robust software to iPad restrict content. You can customize further with our wide-ranging iPad parental control, narrowing categories for websites, apps, as well as “online” social messengers, TV, and video. Parameters can be specified for in-app purchases, Safari, Siri, Camera, FaceTime iTunes, screenshots, and iCloud Photo Sharing. Geofences may also be set up for your child’s iPad iPhone from your Familoop Safeguard account online. Parental control on iPad also includes the option for parents to initiate parental setting on iPad to establish app limits within their Familoop Safeguard account. Setting parental timing limits are easy and available for bedtime, school time, and screen time. Familoop Safeguard makes it easy to help you and your family turn a new leaf as far as digital habits are concerned.

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Can we expect new iPad parental controls app features?

We are always working on ways to strengthen Familoop’s child protections. Additional features will be added on a rolling basis as the online environment and technology evolves, ensuring your child can continue enjoying their iPad in a safe and protected environment for years to come.

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