Parental Controls for Android

android parental control

Does your child own an Android smartphone or tablet? Having so many risks online, failure to monitor your children’ activity and mentoring them smartly leaves them very vulnerable.

  • Web filtering
  • Safesearch
  • Screen time monitoring
  • Block Apps and Games
  • Monitor calls and texts (SMS/MMS) on child’s device
  • Family and child locator
  • Geofencing
  • Alerts about red flags or cyberbullying and other harmful activities
  • Social networks monitoring: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more coming soon!

Why is parental control on Android so crucial?

Even though every parent’s top priority is to ensure their child’s safety while using the Internet, busy parents simply do not have time to look over the shoulder of their child’s Android device 24-7. If there were more hours in the day, every parent would. Given the many potential dangers on the web, ranging from online predators, adult content, and cyber bulling to simply chatting with friends way passed bedtime, parents must take many parental control on Android precautions.

Unfortunately, mobile devices are not built with native parental controls for Android. Familoop’s app assists parents in protecting their child and their Internet usage, without it becoming a full time job. From filtering adult content, making age-inappropriate app not accessible and restricting app purchases to monitoring Internet usage and calls, Familoop Safeguard enables parents to do it all – and still keep their day job. Familoop’s app offers the highest caliber of Android parental control security so you can keep your family safe and protected.

Monitoring capabilities of Android parental controls by Familoop

The Familoop’s parental control app for Android has wide-ranging monitoring capabilities. Install this app on your kid’s devices. On your web-based parental dashboard, you will be able to monitor website searches your child has queried as well as websites visited. You will also be able to monitor your child’s call and SMS logs, ensuring they are not in communication with bad influences.

Familoop’s app also keeps track of the real-world locations your child has visited, the contact numbers in their phonebook, photos taken and saved to their album (including MMS pictures). In addition to monitoring website history and contacts, you can also keep track of your child’s Internet usage. Did your child go to bed on time, or did he stay up late to play his favorite game app? Monitor your child’s usage spent during website browsing, time spent on social apps, games, IM/Chat/SMS apps, watching television or video apps, and phone call duration.

Note that a client app should be installed on your child’s device in order for you to receive reports of device usage and location:
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Blocking features of Familoop’s parental controls for Android

Sometimes monitoring your child’s Android activity is not enough. When more precautions are necessary, Familoop’s app with Android parental control features also allow you to limit web-browsing, apps, and games viewed by your child. If there are particular apps you wish to block from downloading to your child’s Android, you can specify the apps by name, category, and content rating in your Familoop Safeguard account.

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Are there upcoming safeguard features on the horizon?

We understand that technology is changing all the time, which is why we always have new features planned for the Familoop family. For parents who desire to set time limits on website and app usage, additional time limit functions are in development and soon to be released. Very soon, parents will also be able to set app and feature limits for bedtime, school time, and screen time.

Here at Familoop, we understand protecting your child is your top priority. This is why OUR top priority is to continue improving Familoop Safeguard online and Familoop’s app so that every conceivable parental control feature for Android is available at your fingertips.

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