Setting screen time parental control*

Setting screen time parental control

Set healthy time limits so your kids don’t get distracted at school during the day or lose sleep staring at the screen all night.

Setting an example, enforcing rules, and implementing device time limits can help keep screens from taking over family life.

* - Works on iOS, Windows, Mac OS! Coming soon for Android.

Time Limits for Smart Parental Control

  • Enforce a healthy screen time limit.
  • Restrict specific apps during school time.
  • Change screen time limits from your kid’s devices or remotely from your desktop PC.
  • Manage screen time on all of your kid’s devices under one umbrella.
  • Lock devices at bedtime.
  • Set Internet time limits.**

** - Coming soon on all platforms

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How to set Familoop Safeguard’s parental control time limit?

Choose the maximum amount of time your child is permitted to spend on screens each day and encourage them to develop healthy digital habits. Setting limits has never been easier!

Your kids can stay up-to-date with the amount of screen time they have depleted. They can even request more screen time for kids as needed. Your parent permissions make it easy for you to allow more time for your child, either directly from the child’s device or remotely from your computer.

You can even set a different screen time limit for weekends and school days or even choose a specific screen time for each day of the week. Set limits the stress-free way!

Setting limits for school time

Some schools enforce children to switch off phones during school hours. With Familoop Safeguard, you can set a parental control time limit for school hours and even lock your child’s phone entirely during school time. Note that when the child’s device is locked it is still possible for your child to call you; Familoop Safeguard disables Internet access and the majority of the phone’s secondary functions.

In the upcoming version of Familoop’s app for iOS parents can also avoid locking the device, only blocking a specific category of iOS apps – e.g. games or social media – on the kid’s iPhone. Time limits for Android devices and Android app restrictions are coming soon. One exciting feature for Android will include the ability for parents to block specific apps by name during school time! This is just one more way Familoop Safeguard maximizes screen time parental control and makes screen time management and enforcing healthy screen time for kids easier for parents.

Lock devices for bedtime

Easily lock devices at night so that bedtime stays sacred.

Digital curfews are not always easy to follow when the temptation of playing games and watching videos into the wee-hours beckons. Children (and adults too!) sleep better, improve their attention span, and experience less mood swings when electronic devices are shut down before bedtime. Familoop makes it easy to turn off the tablet, the iPad, and other devices to help prepare those peepers for a beloved nightly wind-down ritual. When the clock strikes midnight (or any bedtime hour), parents can easily lock devices so that bedtime stays sacred.

Internet screen timer for kids

In an upcoming version of Familoop Safeguard, parents can set an Internet timer for kids. Never before has an Internet timer parental control been this easy to use! Your child will appreciate learning how to manage their digital time with the online timer for kids.

You’re 1 click away from becoming a Smart Digital Parent

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